Gatecrash is currently happening and the Return to Ravnica block is nearing its completion as Dragon’s Maze approaches. As with most of the Magic: the Gathering products, there is a story behind the cards, and this one is called The Secretist and stars Jace Beleren. For some more info, such as how to get and an actual synopsis, take the jump.

First off, a little more from Wizards of the Coast directly, giving us the all important information of how to obtain this.

As Magic: The Gathering fans continue to do their part in the battle for control of Ravnica, Jace Belerin’s quest to discover what is behind all of the strange happenings in the most revered plane in the Multiverse continues. Yesterday, Wizards of the Coast released Gatecrash, The Secretist Part 2, the second e-book in a three part series in the form of a novella, written by Doug Beyer, writer and creative designer on the Magic: The Gathering R&D team.

Gatecrash, The Secretist Part 2 is available beginning today in the U.S. and Canada for $1.99 at Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Kobo.

And of course, what good would I be if I didn’t give you at least a brief synopsis of the story here.

When fans last left our telepathic Planeswalker, Jace Belerin, in Return to Ravnica, The Secretist Part 1 he had discovered a code inscribed in ancient stone in Ravnica’s historic Tenth District pointing to a mysterious Implicit Maze. As Jace delved deeper, he found a connection with a mysterious project of the brilliant dragon, Niv-Mizzet, and the Izzet guild the dragon commands. Now disarmed, and embroiled in a conflict that implicates all ten guilds, Jace must work to regain the upper hand.

In Gatecrash, The Secretist Part 2, the Implicit Maze is being explored causing tensions to flare among the guilds and driving the guildmasters to arm for war. Jace must now face down powerful allies and equip himself with the knowledge he needs to break open the secrets to conceal what’s truly going on in Ravnica before conflict engulfs the most revered plane in the Multiverse.

Honestly, as a huge fan of Jace and of the Magic backstory in general, I’m kinda excited to get my hands on this and may even let you all know how it turns out soon.


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