This week, Matthew and Stephen reflect on a event from 25 years ago, that just happened again!

Oh, Spoiler Warning!

BMINC_Cv8_varBatman Incorporated #8
Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist: Chris Burnham
Publisher: DC Comics
Cover Price: $2.99

• Everything Grant Morrison has been planning since the start of BATMAN, INCORPORATED leads to this stunning issue!

• You must not miss this one!


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  1. I love the art. I don’t know why as it’s not my usual style of liking but I love the art. Tim Drake without the wing thingies looks pretty cool. Of course, I remain skeptical over two things: “To be continued” and the comment by the “henchman” “My Brother, my twin, my rival”. The interaction with Damian and Dick Grayson was good and made me miss those days of “Batman and Robin” being Grayson and Damian. The only regret is that Tim and Dick are apparently there but Jason Todd’s nowhere to be found.

  2. I have to say, this issue made me really miss that really great dynamic Dick and Damian had, as Batman & Robin. It was really refreshing to have Robin be the serious one and Batman play the more flamboyant personality.

    That sequence of pre-52 story lines were really some of the freshest takes on what was becoming a bit of a tired Batman franchise.

    At one point, DC editorial was pushing the talking point that post new 52 continuity would be a little looser, between books, and that while each title would remain internally consistent, they wouldn’t be as joined at the hip as in the past (or over at Marvel for that mater).

    A shame they couldn’t take that one step farther and let Batman, Inc. or maybe Batman and Robin continue on the Dick and Damian story a bit further, maybe even allow an ageing Bruce as part of the story line. A jump forward in time would also be great. After all, what would be more intriguing that a passing reference or interesting object in the background of the trophy room. Nerds like us would be scanning the main books, for the payoff to that throw away for years afterward.

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