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Aspen is pleased to announce that the second release in their ambitious “10 for 10” initiative, Shrugged #1, has ordered in excess of over 32,000 copies and will feature a large array of retailer exclusive covers personalized for each individual store.

“As the writer and co-creator of the series, I couldn’t be happier with the great response we’ve had to the long awaited return of Shrugged,” said Aspen Owner and President Frank Mastromauro. “After having it on the schedule for several years, seeing it come back as one of the ‘10 for 10’ launch titles is a complete thrill. This volume was born with an idea Michael Turner had for the sequel to our first volume of the series, and I couldn’t be more proud bringing to life for everyone!”

Aspen is pricing each debut #1 “10 for 10” issue for the affordable price of only $1 and is also offering other incentives for each release such as original hand-drawn sketch covers, CGC editions, and special retailer incentive covers by popular artists J. Scott Campbell and Eric “Ebas” Basaldua.

Fans and new Aspen readers who add each of the “10 for 10” titles to their comic shop’s local subscription service will be eligible to receive the special Aspen Reserved Edition variant covers. Those fans who collect all ten Aspen Reserved Edition #1 covers will receive a free full-size Aspen “Perfect 10’s” Jam Poster featuring all ten “10 for 10” covers on one image colored by superstar colorist Peter Steigerwald. The Shrugged #1 Aspen Reserved Edition cover features artwork by series artist Jonathan Marks and Steigerwald.

Aspen encourages everyone to check out the release of Shrugged #1 for only $1 on March 13th.

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Aspen MLT, Inc. is an entertainment publishing company founded in January 2003 by superstar comic artist Michael Turner. Priding itself on producing entertainment properties of the highest quality visual and storytelling elements Along with their own successful properties such as Fathom, Soulfire, Executive Assistant: Iris,  Charismagic, Broken Pieces and more. Aspen also collaborates with the comic industry’s most successful companies and endeavors including Marvel Comics and DC Entertainment. Aspen has collaborated with Marvel for various hit projects, including cover work for the best-selling events Civil War, World War Hulk, and Ultimatum. Aspen collaborated with DC Comics to provide covers for such best-selling titles as Superman/Batman: The Return of Supergirl, The Justice League of America, and Eisner-nominated covers for the critically acclaimed, best-selling Identity Crisis series. In 2006, Aspen joined forces with television giant NBC to create the online comic adaptations for the hit television series Heroes. In 2012, Aspen teamed up with Gale Anne Hurd’s Valhalla Entertainment to produce the horror-adventure series Dead Man’s Run, as well as collaborating with director McG’s Wonderland Sound and Vision to produce the horror comic Haunted City. Aspen also produced the one-of-a-kind Anarchy digital graphic novel for the popular body spray company, Axe. Currently, Aspen is celebrating their tenth anniversary in the industry with their “10 for 10” initiative and more original properties forthcoming later in the year.

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