TOYS: Hot Wheels is going Back to the Future


Hot Wheels has announced it is producing a 1:43 scale replica of the DeLorean turned time machine from Back to the Future.  It’s a great looking care with a pretty high price.

The A car used in the movie was fully restored recently, and with rumor that a new Back to the Future film is in the works, the celebration of all things BTTF appears to be at an all time high.  This Hot Wheels car looks really slick, and has a lot of detail, and would look really nice on any collector’s shelf.  Unfortunately, as detailed as the outside and inside is, it doesn’t look like the die-cast car’s doors open.

X5493_112801T_w640 X5493_112802T_w640 hot_wheels_elite_bttf_delorean3_w640 hot_wheels_elite_bttf_delorean1_w640 hot_wheels_elite_bttf_delorean5_w640 hot_wheels_elite_bttf_delorean_680x260

If you want to get your hands on this iconic car, a new in package toy will set you back $65.88.