So there’s something big happening in this week’s Batman, Inc. #8, that will shake Batman down to his very soul… or something like that. Hey, it’s comics and we expect that “the event” will be short term anyway.  When it comes to teams, Batman has a number of partners, which brings us to this week’s all important question.


Who do you want as Batman's new partner/sidekick?

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  1. I opted to Damien Wayne, mainly because I don’t want any of the others taken out of their respective books. I’m loving Nightwing, really liking Red Hood, and like Teen Titans. I have limited BatGirl/Woman reading, but I don’t think they would fit as “sidekicks” anyway.
    Plus, controversially, I actually quite like Damien in the Batman & Robin book, although I do prefer his banter with Morrison’s Grayson Batman.

  2. Damian.

    He started off abrasive and uncompromising, but the time he has spent with his father has brought him around to Batman’s way of doing things. He’s still a little crazy, but he’s also a ten year-old boy who just wants to make his daddy proud. If he goes away, I’m going to be very, very sad. After Dick, no-one deserves to be the future Batman more than Damian.

    If Damian is going away, I’d prefer Stephanie Brown to come back than any of the options listed. Her time in the Batcave was too short and bringing her back would be kind of great.

  3. Somebody new.

    We could use someone new in the Bat Family, could/should be a woman (or someone of color)

    I think we will see the mechanic kid from that one BATMAN one-shot again.

  4. I voted for Tim Drake because his role as a Robin feels the least defined within the New 52.

    As for who they will pick, I wouldn’t be surprised if they go with a member of the fairer sex. I’d love to see Stephanie Brown, but I wouldn’t count out Harper Row.

  5. Kevin Kortekaas on

    I voted for Babs, but would prefer Stephanie Brown, I loved previous Batgirl run and was disappointed that Stephanie didn’t make the transition to the new 52.

  6. well, having read an article that spoiled the book, I know one of those selections is out. I personally think they need to have Bruce get married and then he can bring her in to help him as a husband/wife fighting team. For too long, comics have had women and wives in particular as the lesser species.

  7. I went with Katherine Kane. She wouldn’t really be a sidekick and would be more of a partner for Batman. She is probably one of the only ones outside of Barbara Gordan, Batman Beyond edition, who would put up with Bruce’s shenanigans and shut him down when he goes looney tooney.

    But since Jason Todd has a better picture he’ll probably win.

  8. I’m just thinking it’s kind of hard to continue to have the other title “Batman and Robin” without a Robin. My guess is that The Squire will assume the mantle of Robin now that the Knight has had his spine krunnched.

  9. justanothergeek on

    I’d choose Stephanie Brown but since she’s not in it I’ll go with Damian, I like the actual father son dynamic and I think that a lot of great stories can still come out of that, but seriously Spoiler.

  10. I choose Helena Wayne. I always liked the Huntress, especially as the offspring of bruce Wayne. It would be interested to see if romantic sparks could fly from the waynes of two worlds.
    Batman and Huntress as a couple or just romantic tension could be interesting. They are not really related, but just close enough to be creepy. LET”S GO PARALLEL EARTH INCEST!!!

  11. Let’s go with Damian. You have the most potential for new stories with this combination.

    Bruce really thinking about fatherhood and his legacy are areas we’ve never really explored. I’m amazed it hasn’t occurred to him that his “unique” lifestyle, and Talia’s psychosis put Damian at constant risk of being orphaned just as he was. I’m surprised this has never risen as a theme.

    For Damian, understanding (or not understanding) that the ends justify the means and gaining some compassion for his common man are interesting character development points that can be expanded on.

  12. Ryan 'Halite' King on

    Damian, from this list.

    If he is out, none of the others make sense as ‘sidekicks’. Partners that often do their own thing, yes, but not a sidekick.

    Nightwing and Batgirl have grown as their own hero
    Red Hood and Red Robin have their own teams
    Batwoman is very strong on her own and I don’t think she’d listen to Batman anyway
    Huntress, I don’t see here wanting to interact with this worlds Batman

    Not on the list:
    Flamebird, Bette Kane, would be interesting. Maybe she wants to get away from Batwoman
    Stephanie Brown, as Batgirl

    • Ryan 'Halite' King on

      Harper Row (especially if Becky Cloonan does art!)
      Talon. Might be an interesting dynamic, and he has a lot to learn.

  13. Jonathan Cadotte on

    I voted for Helena. She was the most interesting part of the pre-nu52 Birds of Prey and I think she’d be an interesting partner for Batman. But I for one would like to see him partner up with Catwoman. The sexual relationship between the two that was shown in the first couple issues of Catwoman makes for an unique “elephant in the room” situation when it comes to the two of them working together.

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