So, if you listened to last week’s Dueling Review Podcast, you may have heard me speculate on the fate of someone in Batman, Inc. #8, coming out this week from DC Comics.  Looks like that rumor is now fact, and you’ll have to take the jump to find out what all this means… because, you know, even though the site is called Major Spoilers, many of you don’t like to be spoiled… or something like that.

According to an article in the New York Post, and confirmed by DC Comics, Grant Morrison will kill Damian Wayne, the 10-year-old son and current Robin, in this week’s issue.


According to Grant Morrison, “He saves the world. He does his job as Robin. He dies an absolute hero.”

I personally can’t say he will be missed.  I never liked the character to begin with, and is certainly one of the reasons the list of Batman related titles that I pick up and read has dwindled in the last two years (that and the New 52). Plus with all the resurrection crap that the publishers have been pulling in hopes of increasing sales, and the fact that Damian has been appearing in all the other Batman books, leads me to believe this will be a short lived (pardon the pun) death.

The bigger implications that I’m waiting for parents groups to jump on is the fact that DC is allowing a 10 year old kid to die.  Sure when, Jason Todd died at the hands of the Joker he was much older.  Interestingly, Jason Todd was not a well-liked Robin, just like Damian, and the Death in the Family storyline is hitting its 25th anniversary this year.

Matthew Peterson and I will have our reactions to Batman, Inc. #8 on this week’s Dueling Review, which will appear on and in the Major Spoilers Podcast Network Master Feed late Wednesday/Early Thursday.

via NY Post


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  1. Actually I’d say Damian is well liked my a great many fans. Maybe even a majority. He was hated when he first appeared, but I think it was Morrison run on BATMAN AND ROBIN that finally helped make Damian a fan favorite.

  2. I have been a fan of Damian even though it was hard for me to believe that Bruce Wayne would have allowed Damian (or Jason Todd, for that matter) to be around him after Damian lopped off the head of The Spook early in his debut storyline. Of course, I’m more upset that The Knight got his neck snapped by Talia’s minion in #7 than the possible demise of Damian Wayne because, as pointed out already, one of the key plots of the Al Gul family is the access to the Lazarus Pits and even if Damian takes Mommy Dearest out, Grandpa is still alive. Or does ROBIN die but not Damien (allowing him to be out of the targets of Talia and to do some growing up)? Regardless, if Damian being killed is more than a couple of issues thing then someone PLEASE put Tim Drake back where he belongs as Wayne’s partner (not sidekick). Wishfull thinking, I know. Hmmmm…… Jason Todd back as Robin???? Hmmmm?

  3. Considering Bruce Wayne became a monomaniacal vigilante — in fact, “Bruce Wayne” ceased to exist as a real person, becoming merely a mask for “Batman” — in reaction to his parents’ deaths, I’m wondering how he’s going to deal with the death of his son.

  4. Well Mr Schleicher. No wonder you don’t like him he the only New character that DC have made that has made ANY kind of impact in 10 years…

    both firms are now the house with no ideas

    I have come to like the little bastard.

    I know he won’t be dead for long but why kill him off, it’s pointless…

    it’s the pointless deaths and rebirths that have killed comics since the 90’s look at the xmen 8000K for jim lee’s issue 1 what did gillon get 100K

  5. Grant Morrison had some really interesting thoughts about Damien in his resent interview with Kevin Smith.
    If Damien will come back from the death in a couple of months, his death will only be pointless continuity vise. It can still make a goos story and as we know – F continuity.

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