It Girl! & The Atomics is a fun, wacky book with a hipster vibe. This issue sees It Girl getting a new solo mission to prove herself as a super-hero. Does this issue entertain or is it a straight up bummer? Major Spoilers takes a look!

It Girl_7_coverIt Girl! & The Atomics #7
Writer: Jamie S. Rich
Artist: Mike Norton
Letterer: Crank!
Colorist: Allen Passalaqua
Editor: Jamie S. Rich, Eric Stephenson
Publisher: Image Comics
Cover Price: $2.99

Previously in It Girl! & The Atomics: It Girl has been bored with nothing to do as a super-hero. After defeating her new super-villain in the form of her sister, It Girl is ready to take on some missions. We join the mission currently in progress…


This issue begins It Girl’s mission to rescue Professor Osamu from the Von Harbou Lodge. After being captured, she meets up with the Professor only to fight his captor. Soon the rest of the family is alerted to her escape and things don’t look like they will end well for our hero.

For an It Girl comic, this was a very straightforward and “normal” story. After a great first story arc full of zany fun and wackiness, we are presented with It Girl’s first mission. And it is all rather bland. We see It Girl fight some super-villains in an attempt to rescue the Professor that of course doesn’t go well. I was kind of disappointed to be honest. I loved the first six issues. They were filled with unique, original and slightly bizarre ideas but this one has lost some of those qualities. That’s not to say there aren’t some good ones in the issue. The villain who can increase or decrease his density was great, Agent Shepherd who just so happens to be a shepherd was hilarious and It Girl’s use of her powers continues to be amusing. Still, it’s all part of a story that feels too “normal” for what I picture an It Girl comic to be. This is only the first part of the story arc, so there is room to grow, but for now, I’m slightly let down.


Mike Norton’s style reminds me of animation in the same way that Atomic Robo’s art does. There is movement and a flow that makes the images come to life. Everything from facial expressions to backgrounds are drawn stunningly and fit right in with the It Girl universe. The entire coloring is gorgeous as well, helping the drawings pop and come to life even more. It all has the feel of a cartoon and I would love to see one drawn in this style. A lot of effort and love went into this book, and it shows.


“The World Is Flat” is the title of this arc and, unfortunately, flat is how it feels. Although there are some good ideas to be found in the issue, it seems too straightforward for an It Girl comic. Maybe I expect something too strange but compared to the first story this one seems lacking. The artwork is wonderful, adding personality to the book and character. Hopefully things will pick up for It Girl! & The Atomics because I love the character as well as her title. It Girl! & The Atomics #7 gets 2.5 out of 5 stars

Rating: ★★½☆☆

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