Image Comics released a sneak peek of Happy #4, It Girl & The Atomics #7, Revival #7, Saga #10, and Thief of Thieves #12, that you can check out, after the jump.

Happy! #4 (of 4)
Quitely variant
Christmas is here and the bad men are about to open their presents! It’s showdown time but can Nick Sax save the day without Happy to help him – or will he screw this up like everything else? You must not miss the blood-drenched conclusion of our heartwarming Yuletide classic!

happy04_cover happy04_coverQuitely happy04_p1 happy04_p2 happy04_p3 happy04_p4 happy04_p5 happy04_p6

It Girl & The Atomics #7
“THE WORLD IS FLAT” Part 1 of 2
REVIVAL’s MIKE NORTON returns for an It Girl solo adventure. Our heroine has gone to the Alps to rescue a kidnapped scientist and keep his game-changing secret invention out of the wrong hands. Prepare for super-powered spies, mechanical men, and international intrigue in the start of our second story arc.

itgirl07_cover itgirl07_p1 itgirl07_p2 itgirl07_p3 itgirl07_p4 itgirl07_p5 itgirl07_p6

Revival #7
Dana tracks down a wolf in sheep’s clothing serial killer. Talk show pundit, Clyde Birch comes to down and all hell breaks loose. And, those Check boys are up to something nasty.

revival07_cover revival07_p1 revival07_p2 revival07_p3 revival07_p4 revival07_p5 revival07_p6

Saga #10
Marko and Alana’s long-lost babysitter Izabel finally returns to the fold, but at what cost?

saga10_cover saga10_p1 saga10_p2 saga10_p3 saga10_p4 saga10_p5 saga10_p6

Thief of Thieves #12
Can Augustus prove to his father that he?s built for a life of crime? Or will Conrad?s worst fears about his son be confirmed as their plan to double-cross the cartel falls apart around them? And who is the familiar foe back on Conrad’s case?

thiefofthieves12_cover thiefofthieves12_p1 thiefofthieves12_p2 thiefofthieves12_p3 thiefofthieves12_p4 thiefofthieves12_p5 thiefofthieves12_p6

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