Major Spoilers Question Of The Day: In Brightest Day, In Quickest Retcon Edition


The recent announcement of Geoff Johns leaving the Green Lantern title sparked two lines of thought in my head: First, while fans will miss his work, the new-and-different take that he brought to the tales of Hal Jordan and his alien blue masters now comprises nearly a decade of stories, and successfully brought the character of Green Lantern back to prominence.  (Heck, he even managed to amicably settle the Hal/Kyle fan wars by making EACH of them the most important Green Lantern, albeit for different timeframes.)  The second thing that occurred to me was, I admit, steeped in cynicism and snide fanboyism:  “How long before they destroy/depower/retcon away the other various Corps?”  The idea that there was a spectrum of 7 different power ring colors, each with its own “emotion” (quotes because some of them aren’t really emotions at all) was an interesting take, but it opened MANY cans of worms, not all of which were of equal quality.  I hope I don’t offend fans of the Red Lanterns title when I say that there’s nothing in that book that couldn’t be easily handled as a sub-plot in a Green Lantern or GLC title and do characters like Atrocitus and Bleez justice.  In Atrocitus case, being a recurring antagonist with mysterious goals worked much better than having him front his own title, something which makes it hard to keep him sufficiently menacing, in my mind.

The MS-QOTD (pronounced “See-Nest-Roh”) swears, “From ragged book to mint-pristine, to those with perfect cover sheen, and all the comics in between, I’ll grade them all, I’m a Comics Machine!”, asking: Do you think that, in the long run, the Seven-Colored Corps concept is workable, or has it run its course?