Major Spoilers Question Of The Day: Paint To Me A Portraiture In Words If Thou Hast Any In Thy Head Edition


The formulation of the MS-QOTD is an arcane process, shrouded in mystery and potato chip crumbs, but a large part of the work is in the choice of the correct image.  (I was going to say “appropriate,” but…  perhaps not so much.)  I pride myself on not using my browser’s SafeSearch function, but I have the dual advantage of an unshared laptop and a high threshold for the bizarre.  In many ways, the things I see on the internet are a testament to mainstream culture embracing the icons of our nerdery, something that can only be good for the various media that we enjoy so much.  (And Sexy Shockwave?  That young woman should be in the Space Program.)  Leaving aside matters of adult content (which has always and probably will always find its way), the creativity on the internet is blinding in its vastness and creativity.  You want a Brony Doctor Who?  Boom!  A Shakespearean Pulp Fiction?  Boom!  Britney Spears as The Joker?  Boom!  The celebrations of pop culture, even the ones that I don’t understand, are simply awe-inspiring…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) doesn’t understand the urge to see Turanga Leela naked, but can’t really judge anyone who does, asking: What creative celebrations of pop culture (cosplay or otherwise) makes you smile the most?