With the release of Gatecrash, all ten of the Guilds of Ravnica are available and competing for the end-game. Wizards of the Coast has sent us some information on the standings and what that end-game might entail, which you can see after the jump.

With last week’s release of Gatecrash, the latest set in Magic: The Gathering’s Return to Ravnica block, all ten guilds of Ravnica have now been uncovered and battle for control of the city-world is heating up.
Magic fans around the world have been going into battle at their local game stores to earn Planeswalker Points and achievements for themselves and their guilds. Now, with the unleashing of all ten guilds, even more help is needed as the Izzet and Azorious guilds have begun to pull ahead in the rankings.
There is still time to join a guild, so visit GuildsOfRavnica.com where you can learn about the guilds and take a quiz to help select one to affiliate with. From there, you can officially choose your guild at PlaneswalkerPoints.com.
In the meantime, here’s an update on the current guild rankings. At this point, members of the Izzet guild have earned the most Planeswalkers Points with nearly 2.4 million! They’re also boasting the most members with close to 12,000!
With over 75,000 total guild members, the current guild leader board stands at:
1)    Izzet
2)    Azorius
3)    Dimir
4)    Simic
5)    Golgari
6)    Selesnya
7)    Boros
8)    Orzhov
9)    Rakdos
10) Gruul
To stay up-to-date on where your favorite guild stands in the battle for control of Ravnica, please continue to check the Guild Leaderboard. Standings are updated frequently.

Are you a member of the Izzet Guild? Then congratulations seem to be in order.
Or are you in the Tribes of Gruul? Looks like you and yours need to step up.
If you haven’t joined a Guild yet, what are you waiting for. Take the test for entry and go bring glory and domination home. I, for one, am part of the Simic Combine and am thoroughly enjoying bringing all sorts of crazy creatures to life.


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