TOY FAIR ’13: Michonne’s pet becomes a bank


Is you change jar not scaring away people from grabbing quarters like it should be? Well then it’s time to upgrade that jar to a bust of The Walking Dead’s Michonne’s zombie pet. Guaranteed to keep young children away and give them nightmares for a week.

Debuting at New York Toy Fair this Sunday Diamond Select will be showing Michonne’s pet bank with other merchandise in conjunction with Robert Kirkman. The zombie bust stands at 8″ atop a stand featuring The Walking Dead’s, now, iconic logo. Thankfully, the coin slot is not placed on top of the decomposing head but is placed on the zombie’s back. The bank won’t be available for purchase this week, but when it does release this summer it will have a price tag of $22.99.

Zombie Bank

Even if you don’t want to store your valuable loose change inside a zombie, with that low of a price tag it would still make a nice addition to a fan’s Walking Dead collection.

via Comic Book Movie