With the recent buzz around ‘Girl Meets World,’ a planned sequel to TGIF staple ‘Boy Meets World’ from back in the day, I began ruminating about what a simple, yet elegant, idea the series is.  It’s a revival of a known property (which makes the money-men happy) but with a new twist that could appeal to new audiences, and theoretically be incredible.  Knowing that Cory & Topanga are still together is somehow comforting, and makes me wonder about the notable offspring of other couples of my childhood.  In my version of history, Daniel LaRusso went back to Japan and finally made it work with Kumiko, and their children Salvador and Yuki were beloved by honorary Grampa Miyagi until his death in 2005.  Sabrina never married Harvey, but he’s very happy with Libby now, and their children Archie and Veronica are nearly middle-school age.  Even Admiral Riker and his first officer Deanna are happy raising their little ones in San Francisco, with each child randomly adopting a strange accent in the Betazoid tradition, most amusingly little Jean-Luc, who speaks in a patois that viewers in our universe would find remarkably similar to Jar-Jar Binks.  (These are the kind of thoughts, by the way, that kept me out of the really good schools.)

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) wonders if the Gargoyles actually reproduce, or if they need concrete and some sort of molds, asking: Whose children (canonical or not) would make for the most interesting sequel series?


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  1. If they had actually let ash ketchum age past 12, a series going into his kid’s adventure would have been a lot more organic for me. Plus if they did it now, they could totally have a ‘how I met your mother’ riff, which I would love.

  2. i think Calvin and Susie Derkins’s children would be having awesome lives, playing with the still-alive, but heavily patched up Hobbes and Mr. Bun.

  3. !SPOILER!

    Bruce Waynes unknown son Terry McGinnis (best played by Will Friedle, the same person who was Eric Matthews in Boy Meets World). His adventures could be called Batman Beyond.

    • They’re probably saving that plot thread for filling in the whole Susan is the Doctor’s Granddaughter even though he never met her before thing.

      • The Doctor and Susan had already been travelling together before the time of the first episode. How exactly had he never met her before?

        • According to some of the mythology, Susan showed up when the First Doctor was escaping a collapsing planet, claimed to be his granddaughter and he knew instinctively she wasn’t lying. Of course that might have been something from the radio dramas or books so I forget if its cannon.

          • Novels and radio dramas are officially not canon except under very rare circumstances. The novels and audio dramas have said she is, said she was the last naturally born child of Gallifrey, said she was with the doctor when he first decided to run from Gallifrey, said he rescued and adopted her, said she was a different Time Lord altogether, etc. So unless it is officially stated by BBC, then she’s whatever the TV show itself says she is.

  4. (spoiler) They already did an awesome job with the Solo kids. Of course now 2 out of the 3 are dead at this point in the books. I guess that would make Han and Leia really crappy parents.

    For something I have not seen yet, I would go with what has already been discussed on the MSP before with the real time aging of current heroes and see a changing of the guard with their off spring.

    • I was a bit irked by the death of Anakin since it negated Chewie’s heroic death, but Jacen’s fall and death seemed pretty natural for a Star Wars story. It paralleled Anakin Skywalker to some degree without being a copy/paste of his story. Both of them chose the Dark Side for reasons they thought seemed perfectly logical (for someone they loved), both thought they could control it, both ended up controlled by it.

  5. For those in canon, I’d love to see some Jenny, the Doctor’s Daughter stories. I also miss the MC2 universe with Spider-Girl and J2 and the rest.

    I’ve always wanted to see a Super Sentai series where the heroes are relatives of past Sentai heroes (not counting Timeranger as that was within the same series). It would be interesting for a future anniversary season and tie together with one or more of the past series.

    I’ve always wanted to see a return to the older Digimon stories and see the kids of the original Digidestined living in a world where everyone has a Digimon partner.

  6. If I recall correctly the Gargoyles had eggs that they kept in a hatchery and raised communally. The queen saved some when the castle was attacked, including Goliath and Demona’s daughter, Diana I think. She was a big part of the last season. You were talking about the cartoon right? You brought up Johnathan Frakes so…

    Anyway, as sequel to Lost starring Walt.

    • I think the creator of Gargoyles doesn’t consider the last season to be canon or something, and I believe they tried to retcon some of it via the recent(ish, it was a few years back) comics. However, I do believe they had established eggs like you mention before that point. I’m not 100% certain, though, as it has been quite some time since I’ve watched the series or read through the wikis.

  7. Sherlock Holmes’s kids, by Irene Alder. Love to see a young girl w/ her fathers’s powers of deduction and maybe a boy who ineplicably is completely clueless, buy maybe great at daring do, like his mother. And maybe a young Watson as Ms. Sherlock’s love interest/foil. Perhaps they could work for an elderly Uncle Mycroft, righting the wrongs of the UK, much to their Beekeeper Father’s disapproval.

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