Want to see the adventures of Boba Fett?  What about a movie just about Yoda’s adventures on Dagobah? How ’bout a flick about Tag and Bink?  Disney CEO, Bob Iger has confirmed that it is pursuing the idea of spin-off movies that are not part of the “chapter series.”

ScoundrelsCoverThere’s no word on which characters are involved in the spin-off movies, but Iger did say that Larry Kasdan (Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi) and Simon Kinberg (X-Men) are working on the projects.  This of course has spawned hundreds (maybe thousands) of thoughts and ideas on who should star in the first spin-off flick.  While it would be cool to see the adventures of young Greedo, the large amount of press Timothy Zahn’s Scoundrels has received leads me to believe we will see something featuring Han Solo (not played by Harrison Ford) and Chewbacca in an “Ocean’s Eleven-type heist caper.”

Crazy? Perhaps…

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  1. I got mixed feelings on this. I really think I will wait to pass judgement after we see more info. If they handle it like Advengers it may be pretty cool. We have a main story, but pretty good side stories as well. Seeing how they have handled the Marvel movies, I am hopeful.

  2. I’d love to see something that taps into the Expanded Universe, I just don’t want to see a retelling of any known stories (with a few exceptions, like I wouldn’t mind an animated “Shadows of the Empire” adaptation) and I’d prefer if they avoided well known characters.

    But I’d always hoped to see more sides of the Star Wars universe officially on-screen. I don’t want a repeat of the old Ewoks movies, but maybe a crime thriller on Nal Hutta in one movie, a comedy about some bumbling criminals on Coruscant in another, a party movie on Zeltros in yet another… There is a lot of possibility without having to touch the characters we already know.

  3. This has the potential to be amazing. A Han Solo movie? A Boba Fett movie? A Yoda movie? Seriously? The idea of each of those has me fully excited. They have a massive Extended Universe to cull an interesting tale from, and I’m quite sure that they will. And given how utterly awesome some of the cut-scenes in the games are, there is a lot of mileage left in this franchise.
    In short… BRING IT!

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