TOYS: McFarlane Toys previews exclusive Michonne statue


The Walking Dead is one of the biggest comic properties right now so this exclusive Michonne statue from McFarlane Toys is sure to perk the interests of many around the world. Pictures and important details follow after the jump.

Coming in at 14.5 inches tall with a full 360 degree rotating base Michonne is shown brandishing double swords as she takes on two zombies. Each of the 1,500 statue pieces will be hand signed by Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman with a certificate of authenticity signed by Todd McFarlane. Kirkman talked with MTV News and said this about the statue:

It’s a collaboration between myself and Todd McFarlane and McFarlane Toy. I’d been in discussions with McFarlane about doing the statue, and I said, ‘I really want to do something that pushes the envelope. Fans are definitely going to recognize her and the iconic aspects of that character, but I think there’s a lot of room to push the envelope and make things a bit more heightened, a bit more awesome. And this statue is definitely an awesome version of Michonne.




The statues will be available for preorder on February 11 from and are expected to cost around $295.

via ComicBookMovie