Lords of the Feywild

In this episode of Critical Hit: Remember that rule about not splitting the party? It’s Nerds vs. Jocks with an ending so shocking you won’t believe your ears!

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  1. Trelle: “I wanna go take a look”
    Me: “NO!!!”

    Torq: “Comet…”

    I felt so bad for Ket having to deal with those two in this episode!

  2. When Adriana said “She’s going to put her head underwater” all I could think was “Don’t go into the woods! Call the cops, don’t check the sound in the basement! Don’t poke your head past the corner!”

    And a few dozen more tropes of “… and then she died horribly”.

    Funny stuff : )

  3. Hey all, I’ve really enjoyed your show since I found it about two months back, but I have a question: have you come to an off-air agreement with the DM that your party won’t be killed? On one hand, you are producing a show that people love and created characters that people love., so “the show must go on” as they say. On the other hand, if there’s no real threat of TPK, doesn’t that take away some of the classic D&D dynamic? I guess I can equate this question to Harrison Ford wanting Han Solo to die in ROTJ to give it some bottom, but Lucas didn’t think dead Han action figures would sell as well. Thanks!

      • and if you remember, wasn’t it the end of Season 1 where there WAS a TPK but it was changed to something else dealing with the Skeletons and Randus losing an arm or something?

        • It wasn’t a TPK, Orem (the hero and lead of the series) had managed to flee and later returned to save his buddies. Which I see as a perfectly normal thing to do in a D&D campaign, heck its pretty much a standard trope of heroic fantasy.

          The only full on TPK was on the roof against blondy, in which Tony had to save the day on his air ship, but again Rodrigo said “you guys only get one deus ex machina once per season” when Stephen asked if Tony could show up again.

          Keep in mind that in D&D the GM is *not* out to kill the party, the whole point is to make a challenge the party *can* win if they play smart and are not too unlucky. Getting a TPK is not a goal, more like a statistical anomaly (like Brian) or an unbalanced encounter by the GM. A TPK is a mistake, by either the players or the GM.

    • Adriana Ferguson on

      Well, a TPK doesn’t have to mean the end of a game, actually I wish you’d written in with this question because complete party death is something ever GM handle differently. I think the crew talks about this during Orem’s moral dilemma maybe…

      But some GMs are like “you’re all dead, roll new characters”. If you’re in the proper situation, maybe you’re in the clutches of the bad guy. Some GMs see this as a way to put a new complication or dramatic thing in the path of the party rather than killing them. Remember, just because you get a TPK, that doesn’t mean all the characters are dead-dead, you’re not dead-dead until you’re at Negative Your HP Total. So a GM could end combat when you’re all down but keep the people alive that aren’t dead-dead in some manner.

      So there are lots of options. Since it hasn’t happened yet, none of us know what kind of GM Rodrigo is! But you should have known we have no “don’t really kill the party” agreement from how terrified I am in every fight, hahah!

    • Thanks for the replies! I hope you didn’t think it was meant as an accusatory question. I’ve just gotten into D&D recently and when I ask people about fates of their past characters it’s either “we stopped playing” or “we died”. I’ve yet to run into anyone with a level 30. Anyway I hope you all make it!

  4. Since the body of the Snow Queen is currently inanimate, have they addressed why Randus and Orem don’t just use a Make Whole Ritual on it, like they did with the destroyed book in Season 1? Anyway,
    great episode!

    • Aspiring Spambot on

      Most likely because she’s not a “non-magical item,” Her elongated body likely would not fit in the roughly refrigerator-sized space limit for the ritual, and because this is the final leg of this story arc and it should be a little more exciting than that.

  5. Dave from Sweden on

    On the topic of a Paragon Paths episode, I would like to voice my approval of this idea. Knowing the propensity of people to demand things from their free entertainment though, I ask you to kindly disregard my request if it’s not something you guys want.

  6. Trelle putting her head underwater seemed a little extreme for such a nervous character. Were you bored? I’m surprised Torq hasn’t hit more things without waiting for the talky talk. This episode was hilarious and awesome, as always. You guys rock!
    PS Please keep Trelle in the Epic level stuffs. Her quirks compliment everyone else’s perfectly imo.

  7. Wow, probably one of the biggest cliff hangers I’ve listened to in this amazing series. Thanks, Stephen, you’re going to give me a complex all week now. Can’t wait to find out what happens next!

  8. @Tom
    Even if they don’t make it to 30, These fine characters will certainly be gods of their own Pantheon in my homebrew one day.

  9. I can not believe the party has split up again… you guys (and now girl) just do not learn!!

    But it is soooooo much fun when you do split up!

    This is me waiting with baited breath until next week.

    Thanks for the show all

  10. You should have an ongoing auction where you put up unique stuff for us fans to bid on… like signed artwork, or the opportunity to listen in (or sit in) on a critical hit session… or an original shirt (there has to be one SOMEWHERE)

    Just a thought I am sure there are many fans who would LOVE to get their hands on some cool Critical Hit stuff!

    It could help in the Day Job issue :)

      • I can’t remember that reference… but odds are if there was a reference YOU made it! I look forward to them, a while ago you made a cool Dead Milkmen one “and they found his head over by the snow cone concession”

        You know Matthew, I like you, you’re not like the other people here in the trailer park…

          • It was actually a Matthew/Brian cooperative reference, referring to changing the frequencies so the smokies won’t catch on. The best part of the whole thing was Rob’s response leading to Matthew saying “Rob said he was Fred.”

  11. It appears she gets eager and confident when there is the prospect of hunting something. The bigger, the better. She seems more nervous when talking to humanoids.

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