Major Spoilers Question Of The Day: Going Where Phil & Dixie Never Actually Got To Edition


When I was young, reading ‘Uncanny X-Men,’ I was both shocked and intrigued when Longshot and Dazzler suddenly arrived late in the middle of a battle, he shirtless, she wearing his distinctive jacket over a pair of panties and seemingly nothing else.  This back-handed, but still overt treatment of sexuality among superheroes stuck with me, as it was not a “Very Special Episode” so much as a matter-of-fact moment which cemented the truth that the heroes were (in the vernacular of my teenage years) “doin’ it.”  Sex is VERY difficult to work into comics effectively without pitfalls, and most interpretations come across as either intensely creepy, overly porny or both.  Strangely, the most effective examination of sexual issues in my eyes came in an issue of ‘Concrete’ a few years ago, as the main character and his friend/doctor/handled handler Maureen engaged in a fascinating sexual relationship that felt realistic, natural and true to the characters.

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) believes that when the morning talk-shows are all abuzz about fan-fic bondage pornography, we should be able to have this discussion without shame, asking:  What’s the best depiction of a sexual relationship in all of pop culture?