MOVIES: Mind MGMT gets optioned by Fox


Have you been reading Matt Kindt’s Mind MGMT series from Dark Horse? You haven’t? Well incase you don’t like reading great comic book series you may be able to watch it on the silver screen thanks to Twentieth Century Fox. More details after the jump.

As Fox starts the process of getting a movie off the ground they have Ridley Scott attached to produce under the Fox Scott Free banner. Also producing along side Scott will be Mike Richardson and Keith Goldberg from Dark Horse Entertainment. No writer has been attached, but the company is searching for just the right one. And at this point the only other piece of information that we known is that Scott will not wear the hat of both producer and director.

That isn’t much to go off of but for fans of Kindt’s Mind MGMT this is big news by itself. Now just to be clear this isn’t confirmation that the movie is in fact going to be made but just that Fox has the right to do so if they wish.

If you have been reading Mind MGMT does this news excite you or do you think that the series won’t translate on to the screen? Sound off in the comments below.