Wizards of the Coast has sent Major Spoilers a list of the many tournaments and events being added into the world of Kaijudo play. Some are expected, some are interesting, and at least one is actually a rather cool idea, so take the jump to find what’s what.

Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters –
Organized Play Programs

Kaijudo Set Premieres (Beginning March 16)

Celebrate the new set, participate in activities and earn promo cards while experiencing the best of organized play! Kicking off with the newest set, DragonStrike Infernus, Set Premiere will be held every first Saturday following a Kaijudo expansion release.

Kaijudo Duel Days (Beginning April 5)

Let the tournaments begin! Players of all ages and skill level will battle their fiercest creatures to compete in the ultimate weekly tournament – Kaijudo Duel Day. Players will have the chance to play their favorite decks and win awesome promo cards. The first Duel Day season runs from April 5 – 30 at participating stores and, with the start of the next season on May 3, a specialized point-accumulation system will allow players to earn points and see where they rank against other Kaijudo players, while simultaneously showing off their own achievements.

Kaijudo Master Challenges (Begins May 3)

Kaijudo Master Challenges are sanctioned tournaments similar to Duel Days, but with even greater rewards! Players choose a Civilization to represent in their duels and each player who chooses the winning Civilization will receive a prize. The top-placing finisher for every Civilization will earn a Civilization Prize Pack and the overall top two finishers in the Master Challenge will win invites to the coveted Kaijudo Championship.

Kaijudo Championship (Summer 2013)

The Kaijudo Championship is the ultimate tournament where 48 of the best Kaijudo players across North America will be invited to Seattle, WA later this summer to compete for the title of Kaijudo Champion. All participants in the event will also get the opportunity to meet with the makers of the Kaijudo TCG and contribute to the development of the game!

Of all of these, the one that actually perked my interest was the Championship. Instead of the usual venue (GenCon) it’s being held at WotC’s main offices. And, in a similar vein to the former Magic Invitational, the winner will be getting a chance to affect upcoming sets and story elements, which sounds like fun if you ask me.

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