SNEAK PEEK: Geek-Girl #0


Actuality Press sent us a sneak peek of Geek Girl #0 that arrives in digital format this week, and might be worth checking out, as it is only a dollar for the digital edition.

Writer: Sam Johnson
Artist; Sally Stone-Thompson

When ‘Little Miss Popular’ Ruby Kaye lands a pair of super-tech glasses (invented by brainiac college geek Trevor Goldstein) in a game of Strip Poker, she’s granted flight, super-strength, and – due to a flaw in the glasses’ programming – super-klutziness! And this is just the beginning of the changes the glasses will wreak on Ruby…

Geek-Girl #0, is published by Actuality Press is available now in $2.50 Regular and Variant Editions and $1.00 Digital/Kindle Editions – along with Mr. Mash-Up #0 – at

Geek-Girl#0VariantCoverLowRes Geek-Girl#0PreviewPage1 Geek-Girl#0PreviewPage2

via Actuality Press