With the latest news out of Marvel-movie-ville, there is a chance that we may be seeing a film featuring Sorcerer Supreme Stephen Strange at some undefined point in the future (after the already-announced Guardians Of The Galaxy and Ant-Man films, of course.)  I’m very happy to see that Marvel is considering what properties they have that are most unusual and interesting rather than just going straight to the Deadpool/Wolverine/Punisher well again.  (A more cynical man than me might even wonder if they couldn’t apply more of that thinking to their comic properties, but that man or woman will inevitably do so in the comments section, anyway.)  Either way, if they DO go for the Strange flick, they could then build their way up to the hopefully-inevitable Defenders movie, which could then lead to the Avengers/Defenders war by the year 2025.

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) would like to remind you that Prince Namor of Atlantis is one of the oldest characters in all of comics history, asking: Which character needs to be next in the Marvel movie cycle? (For the purposes of this question, there are NO REMAKES ALLOWED!)


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  1. SmarkingOut Adam on

    I’d love to see a Gambit movie, myself. Please don’t count the awful nonsense in the Wolverine movie. I kind of liked that movie, but didn’t like their Gambit portrayal. Some of the Gambit “solo” books have had him in the role of an almost noirish investigator, while mixing in plenty of the thieving and exploding. I think that’d be fun.

      • SmarkingOut Adam on

        Oh, I know that none of my favorites are going to end up in a Marvel Studios film any time soon. Unfortunately, I don’t even prefer the most mainstream X-Men so my favorites don’t even make it into the X-Men movies except for the occasional lame cameos.

  2. Jonathan Cadotte on

    I think a Black Panther movie would be great. The time he spent recently in Hell’s Kitchen was really interesting and touched on a few important social issues that could also be portrayed on film. But if it was based in Wakanda that could be fun too with all the political dramas and the like. Other than that, I have long hoped for an Iron Fist movie done up in an Unleashed style (my personal favorite Jet Li movie)

  3. Ms. Marvel….or Captain Marvel, if you want to go current. It’d be tricky since she originated as a spin-off character and her backstory is convoluted as all hell, but I’d like see her get a solo movie that could probably tie into a future Avengers flick.

    The Inhumans. Way out there, but I always liked the characters–Black Bolt and Medusa in particular. They’re removed enough so where you could have a Marvel move that doesn’t necessarily have to be a straight superhero movie. You could delve into a Star Wars-esque space opera.

    And as long as I’m indulging wishful thinking…Dr. Doom. His own movie, played by Daniel Day-Lewis.
    It will never happen, but just imagine Bill the Butcher…Daniel Plainview…decked out in full armor bellowing “No one rivals Doom! NO ONE!”

  4. I will definitely back the black panther and iron fist movies.

    Also introducing Namor into the Mavel Movieverse somehow would be great. Just having the idea that there are races out there who are a bit more ambivalent towards the human race…sometimes the atlanteans would aid SHIELD and the avengers if their world was threatened, bu t could just as easily turn against the surface dwellers if humans overstepped their bounds.

    I’d also love to see a Daredevil reboot done right. I know Matthew’s not a fan of how Daredevil morphed from a lesser “happy go lucky” spider man character in the 60s and 70s into the Marvel Batman in the 80s, but i’d love to see the Miller/Romita “man without fear” mini-series adapted for the screen. Needs more ninjas, less bennifer.

  5. The Runaways! Though, admittedly, they would probably make for a better TV show. Perhaps a TV show that spins out of SHIELD?

    Cloak & Dagger. They’ve been one of my favorites since their debut in the 90’s and I think a really amazing teen drama/superhero film could come out of that book.

  6. First off, dear god the awesome of a doctor strange movie. Secondly, I would really enjoy that iron fist movie. And finally to my point, but its already been made. A doom movie.

  7. I would love a Moon Knight or Taskmaster movie. Thinking teams I have always liked the original Exiles. I would not be surprised if I am alone in my wants though.

  8. I would like to see a Master of Kung Fu movie. This could be a sneaky way of doing a comic book movie while keeping it detached from the regular Marvel Movieverse. Just turn “Black” Jack Tarr (played by Hugh Laurie) into a S.H.I.E.L.D. transfer from MI-6 and not mention the supers again.
    Doctor Strange, bot only if he sports a fro.
    A KISS movie based upon the 70’s adventures would also be swell.

  9. Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu absolutely NEEDS to be in a movie.

    Doctor Strange, the Inhumans, the Runaways and Moon Knight could all be great movie properties.

    I also wouldn’t mind a solo Cable or Bishop movie set within the bleak futures they each come from. I doubt they’d make an appearance outside of an X-Men movie, but I think they have a lot of potential for a sci-fi movie if Marvel ever decided to go that way.

    Finally, my biggest wish is a Savage Land movie with Ka-Zar and Zabu.

    • Oh geez, how did I forget to add Sleepwalker to my own list? I was just thinking about the character the other day when I was going through a box of old comics and was thinking about characters that I liked that my friends didn’t (like Sleepwalker and Slapstick).

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