MOVIES: Jimmy Olsen to become Jenny Olsen?


There’s a pretty interesting rumor going around, that is starting to look more and more spot on in regards to the upcoming The Man of Steel movie, and it has to do with Rule 63.

I don’t really care who scooped this story first, because just about every site who puts up a “news” story lately says they have the scoop, even though the story appeared minutes/hours/days on another site.  With that out of the way, remember this is still a rumor, as Warner Bros. has pulled the standard “no comment, f-off Stephen” that I’ve come to expect from them – it looks like Jimmy Olsen will become Jenny Olsen in the feature film.

IMDB lists Rebecca Buller as Jenny Olsen, and we’ve seen her running alongside Laurence Fishburne in the trailers that have been released, but the Internet movie site does not list Jimmy Olsen anywhere.


Is this a big deal?  Not really, people barely made noise over the casting of Perry White, so the gender change from Jimmy to Jenny seems like a good choice.  Plus if Lois and Lana don’t work out, Superman has a new gal-pal he can hang out with.

via everyone who puts Scoop in all of their headlines