During the months following DC’s New 52 launch the accusations of artist taking the woman anatomy and throwing out the window to make for titillating images were flying all across the Internet. Well it appears that Catwoman isn’t the only superhero without a spine as can be seen on Guillem March’s variant cover for All New X-Men #7.


I just tried to make this pose in my living room and now I have to go take a few Advil.

All New X-Men #7 is available February 6th.

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  1. Ok, so I showed this picture to my wife who works in health care and she had this to say:

    “He wouldn’t get much force from his right arm in this pose because the glenohumeral joint is hyper extended and internally rotated to an extent that the muscles aren’t at a functional length. There’s an ideal functional length for a forceful muscle contraction and his arm is just too far back. His abdomen is also so twisted that his core would be unstable.”

    tl,dr: Shitty pose is shitty.

  2. See, I looked at this as his being in the midst of falling (perhaps out of that spaceship looking thing), and this seems like a perfectly reasonable pose for someone midway through a fall who is currently righting themselves to land and claw at someone… and I can make that pose, myself.

  3. lol wolverine in charge of the young fragil exiled minds…. they are doomed.

    could be worse though… charles built them into a strike force and cyclops carrying on that legacy.

    i guess wolverine is just gonna willy nilly beat down on bad stuff and make the world better. lolz :P

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