MOVIES: Man of Steel receives MPAA rating


The rating a movie receives from the MPAA can do a lot to affect what the final box office numbers will look like. Synder’s Man of Steel was just handed its rating from the board, which is no big surprise, but why their reason for the rating should make people who have talked down on the trailers perk up. Full details after jump.

One of the biggest complaints that I kept reading online after the full-length trailer for Man of Steel released was that it was missing any fighty-fighty that should accompany a Superman flick. Well the MPAA has seen the film and has handed down a rating of PG-13, obvious rating, for “for intense sequences of sci-fi violence, action and destruction, and for some language.”

So it would seem that Synder and company are keeping the big action sequences close to the chest, possibly waiting till we are all in theater to unleash them to the world. Or, in the two months before Man of Steel releases we could be drowning in slow-mo action trailers that run every commercial break. I’m hoping for the first.

via Total Film News