This week, Stephen and Matthew put Judge Dredd #3 under the microscope and ask the all important question, “Are you really The Law?”

“We’ve Got You Now!” In Mega-City One, kidnapping of the rich is a thing of the past, thanks to personal security droids. But a ruthless team of high-tech snatchers has come up with a cruel twist on the oldest racket on the books. They don’t nab you. Just… a certain part of you. But the kidnappers may regret holding one of the city’s most prominent citizens for ransom, because Judge Dredd’s just signed on to be the bagman! Plus: A shocking backup story with art by Langdon Foss that will leave you seeing double…


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  1. Five reasons Mathew, and everyone, should watch Dredd.
    1- Karl Urban is a great Dredd.
    2- Mega-City 1, and the world of Dredd, is convincingly put on the big screen
    3- It looks great, particularly the Slo-Mo moments.
    4- It is very action heavy, and incredibly violent.
    5- The story, while very The Raid-y, is stripped down and compelling.
    In summery, it is a good movie and very definitly worth seeing. Check out my review here:

  2. Loving your recent attention to Dredd. I’ve got the first two issues of IDW’s Dredd and I had been thinking about dropping until I heard your podcast. This review has kept me interested in the title which is much better than the DC run of the 90’s, but the title has not yet resonated with me, to the level of the UK stories from the eighties and nineties.
    I shall stick with this interpretation of the future lawman for a few more issues based on this podcast..

    After meeting the staff and creators of 2000AD at San Diego this year (where I also attended the screening of Dredd dressed as a Judge), I’ve gone back to reading the comic after several years’ worth of absence and I am currently enjoying the sci-fi anthology in Digital form (there’s no comic book store in the Channel Islands, where I now reside).

    It was interesting to hear your experiences of reading Dredd, especially the earlier stories, as the format of UK and US books are radically different. Most notably: the the UK comics are more like the movie serials of old, with only a few pages per week dedicated to each story, as opposed to the 21+pages of its US counterpart.

    5 Reasons why Matthew should watch the new Dredd Movie

    1. It’s one of the rare comic book movies where the creators (Wagner and Ezquerra) get top billing in the closing credits
    2. Jock is a production/concept artist on this movie
    3. It’s not an origin story
    4.Urban nails it as Dredd, inhabiting the role of the future lawman – all without taking the helmet off.
    5. It’s a critically acclaimed low budget, little independent movie that’s not concerned with selling toys.

    Keep up the dualing reviews and make mine Major Spoilers

    PS Reason 6: Urban does not sound like Matthew’s Dick Van Dyke interpretation of Dredd: ‘Cor Blimey Gov’nor. I am the law!’

  3. 1. Olivia Thirlby as the psychic sidekick.
    2. Slow-Mo Drugs that AREN’T recycled Max Payne props.
    3. You can take a half-hour nap and miss none of the plot.
    4. Lena Headey as a mob boss.
    5. If you stare closely, in the slow-mo scenes you can see that Karl Urban’s facial hair is actually sentient and prehensile– if allowed past the stubble phase, it would amass enough power to take over the world.

  4. Elijah Williams on

    5. Karl Urban plays a really good Dredd in comparison to Stalone’s
    4. The action is really well done (especially the slow mo)
    3. It is very faithful to the comics
    2. There is a reference to the original Dredd film that I think only Matthew will truly appreciate
    1. Matthew will finally have new material

  5. 1 Karl Urbans face, mostly hidden still uterly compeling

    2 Karl Urbans voice, a rasping growl projecting quiet menace without resorting to shouty hysterics.

    3 Karl Urbans costume, a perfect comic costume adeptation taking in inspiration from the source material whithout falling into the trap of slavishly copying it.

    4 Karl Urbans geek cred, it’s clear that Karl and everyone else involed has a deep and genuine love for Dredd and his world a feeling that comes through in every frame of the film.

    5 Olivia Thirlby, *Bom chicka wow wow*

  6. 5. Just Because
    4. Just because Steven said so
    3. Just because Steven said so and so Matthew can have more reference material
    2. Just because Steven said so and so Matthew can have more reference material to compare Mega City to Gothem City while in Batman’s voice

    1. And finally Just because Steven said so and so Matthew can have more reference material to compare Mega City to Gothem City while in fake Rigo’s voice… YES!!!!

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