Hulk has become somewhat of a fan favorite with The Avengers still fresh in the public subconscious, so it makes sense Marvel might try and capitalize on this boost in popularity by relaunching the emerald ape. The green goliath has always been a personal favorite of mine, the embodiment of being a slave to one’s anger, and lashing out at all around, hits a personal and sympathetic note with me, so is it any surprise I have been reading his most recent incarnation way of Marvel NOW? Find out if the most green giant is worth your green in this Major Spoilers review.

Writer: Mark Waid
Art: Leinil Francis Yu
Cover: Lenil Francis Yu, Simone Bianchi
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Cover Price: $3.99

Previously in Indestructible Hulk: Bruce Banner, in attempt to do some good to balance out the destruction done by the Hulk, propositions S.H.E.I.L.D. with an offer to let them point Hulk at the enemies in exchange for a lab to do research to benefit humanity.


Mark Waid knows how to write a story, and do not let anyone tell you any different. Right off the bat he naturally sets up the basic premise of the story for new readers without weighting it down for returning readers. The reader is then given an awesome story involving the Hulk fighting a mech inside of a secret volcano hideout. The mech also serves as a treat for comic historians (such as Major Spoiler’s very own Matthew Peterson), since it is actually an updated version of an old Hulk villain that I will not spoil here. Waid has been doing everything right with Indestructible Hulk, we have an over arching goal for Bruce Banner, internal politics, and lots of “HULK SMASH” style semantics. If there is any problem with it, it would be that every issue has been a self contained story, and I would love to see more of an ongoing story, but I am sure this will come in time.


The art is quite enjoyable overall. All of the mechanical pieces, whether it be robots, suits, or guns, all look interesting and appropriately mechanical. When just drawing straight humans, however, the art can suffer a bit from awkward proportions or simply having too many lines on a person. This is made up for in the fact that Hulk, the real star of the book, just looks excellent. Hulk is strong, big, green, and has this kind of wild animal look in his eye that I rarely see in other depictions.


This is some premium Hulk story telling right here folks. If you are a fan of the big green man, then you should most definitely be picking this book up. If you have always wanted to try out some Hulk, then you should most definitely be picking this book up. If you never liked the Hulk, then you should most definitely be picking this book up, because if anything will change your mind, this will.

Rating: ★★★★½

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  1. The best thing about Waid writing Marvel superheroes is that he takes the approach of “Hey guys, you know what’s awesome about this superhero that no one ever thinks about?” and then he writes something absolutely incredible that makes everyone realize “Holy moly, this superhero is awesome because of . . .”
    With Hulk, it’s the fact that Bruce Banner is one of the five smartest people on the planet, who just happened to suffer the worst worker’s comp injury ever. Waid is finally putting the brakes on the “Bill Bixby walkin’ through the rain” version of the Hulk, and taking it in a new direction: Bruce Banner: Action Scientist (and sometimes bomb/cannon).

    5 stars. (can’t believe Simonson is getting in on this in a few months. 10 stars!)

  2. I read an interview with Hickman, and Waid where they basically explained the armor as, well he’s a weapon of SHIELD now, so it made sense they would want to armor him up. To basically be a better weapon.

    Not sure I like the reason, but there it is.

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