Today being a quiet and lazy one for me, I haven’t been terribly willing to put a lot of heavy thought into anything.  Sure, I moved some comics around, watched some cartoons, hung out with the kid, but I’m perfectly happy to have avoided any worrying or mental heavy lifting (save for a little bit of carbohydrate math at breakfast) for most of the day.  That all went out the window when the child requested a reading of Tales of The Beanworld, something that involves my best impersonations of Richard Nixon, Miss Jane from Beverly Hillbillies, The Ladies’ Man and Snookles the Baby Dragon, as well as the accompanying sound effects and various strange Brooklyn accents to fill out the world of the Beans.  That reading also brought up another discussion with the child, one that she remembers Larry Marder asking on his website some time ago…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) remembers here, even though it is there, asking: If you could live in any magical realm, what would it consist of?


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  1. It would be a magical realm in which i had total control. Like i could change it at a whim: when unicorns firing lasers out of their butts got boring, id make them into DINOSAURS (etc)

  2. Elijah Williams on

    Probably Oz, because with my height I could take over a whole guild of lolipop people and have my own little kingdom.

  3. I’m going to be all cliché and go with Hobbiton from the Hobbit. During the peaceful years anyway, probably wouldn’t want to be there when it got burned down by Saruman. Simple, quiet, peaceful place filled with kind folk, good drink and good food, Sounds pretty swell.

  4. I would either want to live on Dathomir or somewhere in the Hapes Consortium within the Star Wars universe. I would marry either a Zeltron or a Twi’lek, buy a couple of young Twi’lek slave girls and set them free to raise as my adopted daughters, have a pet Rancor named Scruffy and in my spare time I’d work to restore an Eta-2 Actis Interceptor (much like how some people restore classic cars).

    Alternately, I’d be just as happy in just about any sword-and-sorcery setting where I could hook up with an Elf of some kind and run a nice little Inn somewhere. It would be a crazy little place, a place where any race is welcome so long as they abide by the rules (would probably have a couple bouncers of various large sized races and at least one in each shift who is a caster of some sort as well as various anti-violence spells). I’d have a pet dragon named Scruffy (or if it is a giant black dragon, Fluffycakes) and probably a couple of tigers too.

    Or the Doctor Who universe where I’d have a TARDIS (not named Scruffy).

  5. I’ve allways, rather selfishly, wanted to live the Wonka-verse. A very childish part of me thinks that living in a “World of Pure Imagination,” would be amazing. A place where just a candy-bar every now and again can bring real happiness.

    Middle Earth is, of course, also on the list. So is the Whoniverse, and Scott Pilgrims’ Toronto.

    This is a topic that I could wax lyrical about for quite a long time.

    • It is one of the first topics I tend to create whenever I join a forum (if the topic isn’t already made). Having grown up in and out of hospitals and being home sick a lot, it is one of those things I’d imagine frequently, and I have occasionally gone so far as to fill notebooks with specific details of the ideas (including inventory lists of supplies, house blueprints, etc) in case it ever comes in handy for a story or game session.

  6. I would have to say the world of Shannara. it was my first experience with fantasy and I can still see myself spending time in the southlands visiting the Ohmsford family inn.

  7. The world of critical hit. Do I need to say more? Well, if you insist. A world where magic can make technology? Heck yeah! A world where I could be a gambler for SOULS? Awesome! I’d love this!

    Close second would be Scott pilgrims Toronto, where a scrappy kid with nowhere to go in life can still have awesome adventures.

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