TOYS: Battle Beasts Mimimates arrive!


Fans of Battle Beasts probably already know, but just in case – BATTLE BEASTS MINIMATES ARE HERE!  Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum have the first series of the toys in stores today, and to entice you even more, take the jump for a stunning gallery of the figures.

This assortment of two-inch warrior animals includes four different two-packs: Vorin the Ram with Vachonus the Scorpion, Merk the Falcon with Fenruk the Tarantula, Gruntos the Walrus with Tate Reynolds and Strictus the Rattlesnake with Bliss Reynolds. The Beasts are all depicted in exclusive comic- accurate color schemes, and human characters Tate and Bliss are only available in this assortment – they each come with one of the two Dread Weapons, so don’t miss out!

BattleBeastsWHite1 BB1-Vorin_Vachonus Gruntos Merk Vachonus BBTrio1 BlissTate Fenruk Strictus Vorin

via Diamond Select Toys