Bluewater Productions released a sneak peek of titles being released this week.  Take the jump for a look at 20 Million Miles More #2, Leprechaun #2, Gearz #2, Fame: Britney Spears, and more.

Ray Harryhausen Presents: 20 Million Miles More #2
Writer: Scott Davis
Artist: Alex Garcia
The beast is loose in the City of Angels. It rampages from street to street, destroying some of L.A.’s most treasured landmarks that lay in its path. But as it smashes through the city many questions arise. What does it want? Where does it come from? Can anything stop it? But the biggest question of all: Is the world ready to learn the secrets of the Ymir? The highly classified scientific cabal of the military stands ready to catch the monster and prevent its most precious secret from leaking out at all costs. But is the genie already out of the bottle? This second installment of the Ray Harryhausen-inspired epic peels away a few layers of the mystery, only to learn that the true answers lie 20 million miles more.

20MMM_02_0cover 20MMM_02_07letters 20MMM_02_08letters 20MMM_02_09letters 20MMM_02_11letters 20MMM_02_10letters

Ray Harryhausen Presents: 20 Million Miles More #0: FREE
Writer: Scott Davis
Artist: Alex Garcia
This special zero issues features never before seen images and character designs of the cult classic! The classic Ray Harryhausen sci-fi epic re-imagines it for a new generation. It’s been 50 years since the strange being from Venus rampaged through Italy. So it has been 50 years of secrets, misinformation, and outright lying. Once the world was convinced that the Ymir was a giant hoax and the mission to Venus never happened, it was lulled back to sleep, ignorant of the truth. But no one counted on genetics. Years of secret testing and breakthroughs in many of the gray areas of science created unintended consequences that could bring the Earth to its knees… and only an 11-year-old child can save it.

20MillionMIlesO BC_02_22Letters BC_02_22Letters BC_02_22Letters BC_02_22Letters BC_02_22Letters

Lionsgate Presents: Leprechaun #2
Writer: Zach Hunchar
Artist: Kris Carter
From the cult film from Lionsgate. Imagine simple tales of legend. Which are not tales or legends at all. And far from simple. Imagine no further as Leprechaun issue 2 continues the journey of the last of the Leprechauns. The dark forces have scattered his one true love. Now, new allies emerge that hold keys to his survival.

Lep2 LEPPage-07 LEPPage-08 LEPPage-13 LEPPage-20

47 Decembers: original graphic novel
Writer: Dan Rafter
Artist: Michael Shelfer
From Arcana Comics
Living in Waterbury in an aging inn wasn’t Audrey’s dream; it was her husband’s. But now her husband is dead and Audrey is the only one who thinks it wasn’t an accident. She’s also the only one who thinks the scarecrows scattered throughout the town have been moving. What’s really going on in Waterbury? Audrey’s about to find out.

47Decembers_FrontCover waterbury120 waterbury122 waterbury311 waterbury408

Ray Harryhausen Presents: Back to Mysterious Island: collected edition
Writer: Max Landis
Artist: Kevin Gentilcore
From Arcana Comics
The Jules Verne classic is back in this brand new sequel written by screenwriter Max Landis. Mysterious Island has risen again; this time in present day, and the infamous Captain Nemo is back to command a new set of monsters. This graphic novel has a ton of new features that have never been seen before.

BackToMys_00cover BackToMys_02_015 BackToMys_02_016 BackToMys_02_024 BackToMys_03_0018 BackToMys_03_0020

Fame: Britney Spears – ITunes exclusive
Writer: C.W. Cooke
Artist: Ricardo Jaime
Cover: Joe Phillips
Britney Spears– the most famous superstar of the 21st century. What does it take to reach those heights in the Internet Age? What are the hidden costs when every move makes the headlines? More than an entertainment powerhouse. More than a dancer and musician. Britney Spears is a survivor!

BSFameBritneyItunes BSPAGE1 Britney Pg 04 Britney Pg 04 Britney Pg 06 BSPAGE11

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