During this week’s M.S.P., the discussion of Judge Dredd touched on the fact that it is a British take (with a little “take that”) on American culture circa the late seventies. As a long-time Vertigo reader, I remember when nearly all of those books were written by British creators, and have always associated that viewpoint with my impression of the United Kingdom, for better or worse. By the same token, I will always see Japan through a lens of Super Sentai and Ultraman. When it comes to pop culture, my expectations of, say, the Soviet Union are formed as much from Red Heat and Rocky IV as they are by history texts.

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) may never forgive Sylvester Stallone for what he did to Dredd (among other things), asking: What stories about far-off lands stick with you the most, even if you know that they’re innaccurate or outdated?


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  1. Pretty much every concept of Edgar Rice Burroughs, mainly Barsoom (John Carter of Mars) and Pellucidar (At the Earth’s Core)

  2. Pretty much anything that portrays Victorian England as a steampunk society, be it as little as just an inventor or a small group of folks having steam powered equivalents of fictional or modern tech to “alternate history” stories where the whole society is immersed in steam tech.

    Also, not even going to Japan will convince me that there isn’t really a team of colorful spandex clad heroes with giant robots saving the world.

  3. I wouldn’t ever believe that the racing/drifting community in Japan isn’t one of the biggest things going on in the entire country.

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