DIGITAL COMICS: Action Lab Comics releases first issue of The Order of Dagonet for free


If you are looking for some free digital comics on ComiXology, Action Lab Comics has announced it is releasing the first issue of The Order of Dagonet for anyone who wants to download it.

Plus… It’s FREE!

The Order of Dagonet is written by Jeremy Whitley (Princeless) with art by Jason Strutz, and the first issue is 44 pages in length.

For those who don’t know, “The Order of Dagonet” is the tale of the reemergence of mythological creatures into modern England and those tasked with fighting them.  When the seal is broken that’s been keeping the monsters of lore at bay, the only people who can stop them are the Knights of England.  Unfortunately, the age old tradition of knighting has changed a bit since the ages of old.  The knights who come to the rescue are not men in shining armor, but instead a burnt out rock star, a Shakespearean actor turned B-movie regular, and an author of popular children’s books.  They’re no heroes, but they’re our last defense against the forces of Faerie!

Dagonet cover

Free is always a good reason to check something out, and hook is interesting enough that I’m headed to my iPad right now to check this out.

via Action Lab Comics