TOYS: Saint Walker DC Signature Collection has arrived


The first of the Blue Lanterns can now be yours to own thanks to the DC Signature Collection of figures. Take the jump for all the details, pictures, and when this can be yours.

Coming soon as part of the Matty Collector’s “day of” sale, Saint Walker joins the rank of DC elite who have been given life thanks to DC Signature. Saint Walker is not the first Blue Lantern to get the figure treatment, with Blue Lantern Flash and Kyle Rayner previously released, but is a valuable piece in any Lantern fan’s collection.

Saint Walker does come with his blue lantern battery, but it has already been pointed out by those who have seen the model that it isn’t accurate to the character and is simply a repainted version of previous batteries we have seen.

If you have a DC Signature Collection 2013 subscription then Saint Walker will be shipping out to you this week, but if you don’t you can head over to Matty Collector and place your order there. Saint Walker is coming in at a reasonable $20.

SaintWalker1 SaintWalker2 SaintWalker3 SaintWalker4 SaintWalker5 SaintWalker6 SaintWalker7via Action Figure Insider