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Following this year’s unforgettable 20th anniversary celebrations, Titan Comics is pleased to announce four brand-new Lenore releases for 2013! Beginning March 28, 2013, the new storyline will see creator Roman Dirge murderize a key Lenore character from the cult comic series!

That’s right… one of these lovably undead monstrosities is taking a powder-nap, a vacation from existence, a sub-soil retirement, a journey into the void… Well, you get the grimly picture.

The new four-part story kicks-off in Lenore #8 and marks the beginning of the end for one of Lenore’s main characters; with a fight-to-the-death between two of the comic’s most beloved characters, but who will stand victorious and who will die…?

When a film crew from “Ghosty Toasty” TV show: “Where we toast that ghost!” turns up at Lenore’s mansion in search of ‘ghosts and ghouls’ they get more than they bargained for: much, much more!

Lenore #8 cover 1

The new storyline will also reveal the shocking truth behind the mask of Taxidermy (Lenore’s most mysterious and sinister character) including his incredible history, which started back in the days of ancient Egypt.

“There will be an insane battle. I have already started designing the town of Nevermore, just so they can destroy it!” Creator Roman Dirge says.

Lenore #8 comes with two collectable covers drawn by Dirge! Retailers can order Lenore #8 from the February 2013 edition of Diamond PREVIEWS. For updates retailers can sign-up to the Titan Comics retail newsletter, here or follow @TitanRetail on Twitter.

Lenore #8 is available from comic stores on March 28, 2013. The series will also be available to read day and date on the iPad, iPhone, Web, Android and Kindle Fire, exclusively through the comiXology app and

Lenore #8 cover 2

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  1. First off, I love Lenore comics and have been buying the hardback volumes. They’re like the Addams Family only sicker! As to Roman killing off a main character, except for Lenore’s victims, everybody in the comic is either dead or undead, and Lenore’s victims usually end up in a similar condition by the end of each story. Since you can’t kill a dead character, does that mean the deceased character will be brought back to life? After all, wouldn’t life be death for the dead? Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

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