It’s time once again to turn our gaze to the octagon! Two characters enter, one will leave victorious!  It’s the Major Spoilers Poll of the Week!

As everyone knows, one of the keys to becoming a contender in the ring is to make sure you are eating a well balanced diet.  This week, the gloves are off, and the aprons go on, as we ask the all important question, “Who is the better cook?”

“Allez cuisine!”

Who is the better cook?

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  1. Olsen is almost certainly a better cook. He’s a bachelor, and probably learned to cook for himself early on. Robin lives in a stately manor, with a butler, and probably rarely prepares his own meals.

    • It seems like you thought this out a lot more than i did, i figured that white shirt on Olsen could well double as a cooks apron :D

    • But in Batman Forever, Chris O’Donnell clearly shows that Robin pulls his own weight around the house, doing all those crazy tricks with the laundry. Those movies are canon, right?

  2. Robin never had to learn to cook. He had Alfred around to tend to the kitchen chores. On the other hand, Jimmy Olsen is a pathetic loser who can’t get a date, so he is doomed to live a lonely, single life and thus would have to learn how to cook just to survive.

  3. 3 of the robins can’t cook see morrison’s batman run for evidence
    and tim who can is no longer robin so due to retcon the winner is jimmy…

  4. Robin as long as it is Dick.
    He used to cook for K’oriander (Starfire) all the time when they were a couple. Being a princess, she didn’t cook, as a slave I do believe she had other talents that were inferred. Possibly balancing tea cups on sticks I think.
    I do seem to remember sausage between two melons with a sauce being a specialty of his. Need to double check the back issues for that. I’ll get back to you on that.

  5. Come on, man.

    Batman meticulously trains not only himself, but his proteges, for any and every eventuality and situation. That would HAVE TO include cooking.

    (And Morrison’s Batman run has been complete crap. Zur-En-Arrh? Are you kidding me?)

  6. Robin has had the benefit of Alfred cooking growing up, so at best he’d be able to work the microwave.

    Jimmy meanwhile is growing up on a small income in a major city, and will have to get creative with what he has. SO Olsen all the way.

  7. I’m betting that Bruce made sure that Alfred only cooked any of the Robins the optimal meals to supplement their training routines. So I’m pretty sure those guys were sneaking into the fully stocked pantry to make gourmet bacon double cheese burgers with guacamole and caramelized onions all the time.

    Also, from all his time at the circus Dick knows how to make cotton candy and mini donuts.

    Jimmy Olson could only afford Ramen noodles.

  8. I just figured that with all the wealth surrounding the Robins, and the cultural events Bruce was invited to, that the Boy Wonder’s were probably taught by the finest instructors on etiquette, culinary arts, and any other skill that may come in handy. Whereas Jimmy Olsen was hanging out with the Newsboy Legion and being the poor bachelor in the city, he probably survived on hot dogs and microwave burritos.

    • No…but thats a much easier question to answer.

      Lois Lane (who I’m pretty sure has seen Jimmy’s wang) was played by Kate Bosworth who dated Legolas, who in turn dated Mary Jane Watson, who went and dated Jake Gyllenhaal. Now Jake has never been a superhero but he did have sex with The Joker, and is the brother of Rachel Dawes. Unfortunately Rachel was dead and the Joker was imprisoned before Joseph Gordon-Levitt became Robin so they can’t answer your question. Fortunately though Jake dated Reese Witherspoon, who has also never been a superhero, but has dated Chris O’Donnell who is Robin.

      So if you can track down Kate Bosworth, Orlando Bloom, Kirsten Dunst, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Reese Witherspoon you should be able to use the process of elimination to get your answer. You would also have some insight into how both of them stack up against Legolas, The Joker,The Prince or Persia, and Spider-Man.

  9. I always saw Jimmy as eating at Belly Burger all the time… That is… When he could afford to do so… That’s how he keeps skinny, as he can’t afford to eat more than a couple of times a week…

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