MARKET SHARE: Month to month down, year to year up in December


Diamond Comic Distributors released sales data for comics sold in the direct market during December 2012.  On the plus side, compared to December 2011, both individual comics and graphic novels sales were up last month.  The bad news, compared to November 2012, sales were down by nearly 3%, and that even includes Amazing Spider-Man #700 sales.

Take the jump for a breakdown of the top comic book publishers for December 2012.

To put some things in context, the last month of December had very few issues shipping because of the holiday, so it doesn’t come as a huge surprise that the month to month sales are down.

As mentioned above, Amazing Spider-Man #700 did very well for a book that came out on the last day of the month, earning the top spot for December. It was also the most expensive single issue comic for December.

We’ll have the compete rundown of the top 300 comics for December in the next few days.