If you follow the Major Spoilers podcast crew on Twitter (easily done by tracking down @majorspoilers, @fearsomecritter, @zwoolf and me, @mightykingcobra) then you are often party to our life-changing opinions on subjects such as movies, gaming and decent Chinese food, and you probably saw my realization last night regarding ‘Knight Rider.’  Having run into the series on Netflix, it occurred to me that it could make a phenomenal comic book series in the hands of the right creative team (especially after the season four paradigm shift removed KITT’s functional invulnerability.)  If I could pick one out of the blue, I’d be interested in seeing the writing handled by Bill Mantlo in his prime (he could handle deep thoughts and goofy adventure with ease, even switching back and forth on a dime) with an art by Howard Chaykin (seeing as how The Hoff already looks like one of his jug-headed, curly raven-haired protagonists ala Cody Starbuck or Dominic Fortune.)

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is about to embark on a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist, asking: What non-comics property (that hasn’t already been adapted) absolutely NEEDS to be adapted into comics form?


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  1. I think Terry Brooks’ “Magic Kingdom of Landover” series is ripe for the picking. The “Magic Kingdom For Sale – SOLD!” book is basically the story of a rich guy from our world who finds an ad for a magic kingdom in a magazine and buys it only to find out that it is in total disrepair and beset by threats. It’s a pretty humorous romp that manages to mix comedy with a bit of action. I think in the right hands it could make for an awesome comic series.

    • Wow! I was thinking the exact same thing just a few of days ago! I always thought “Landover” would even make a great movie or even video game.

  2. I think Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas would make a good comic book, given somone who could handle the art correctly. The art would be the big thing.

    The words are allready basically there. Hunter knew how to tell a story and how to handle character exchanges. I don’t think that it would be too hard to adapt into a comic-book narrative. I’d read it, that’s for sure.

    I also think maybe Bethesda should think about having the Elder Scrolls maybe adapted into comic book form, I think there’s a lot of potential there, especially with the Deadric Gods, those have allways been my favourite stories in the games. There’s a lot to work with, I’d like to see it done.

  3. The old vampire cop show “Forever Knight”. The series finale was a bit ambiguous on showing if Nick was killed or not, but even if he was there were still other vampires inhabiting that world. Or they could tell earlier stories (The main character lived for about 750+ years, plenty of timelines to tell new stories in or expand on concepts shown in the flashbacks of the series).

    I’ve always thought they should make a Power Rangers comic that only loosely tied to the series. There were several Sentai teams that took place before Zyuranger, so they could always use those as the basis for the comic series (Personally I’d start with Jetman).

  4. The Flavia Deluce mysteries by Alan Bradley. Apart from that, I can’t think of anything off the top of my head. For the most part, until the advent of the recent Marvel blockbuster movies, the only thing worse than movie adaptations of comic books were comic adaptations of movies.

  5. The King Raven trilogy from Stephen R. Lawhead. I would love this to be adapted in a graphic novel format, mostly just so I could by the books again!

  6. If there isn’t one already, (there very well may be and I’m not aware of it yet) a Warhammer 40K comic series would be amazing. Space Marines, the powers of Chaos, the alien plague of the Tyranid Hive, Orc Waaaaaaghs… and the previous owners of any particular planet, the necrons… it’d be awesome! For the emperor!

    • There have been quite a few Black Library comic books produced for 40K properties. Look through Hobby Store distribution channels though, not Comic Book ones, or Amazon.

  7. Can I cheat and submit two?

    How about a Rockford Files comic. A somewhat snarky Jim Rockford could be great fun.

    And I know he’s had comic books in the past, but a revival of 007 with the newer Daniel Craig characterization seems a no brainer.

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