Major Spoilers Question Of The Day: You Wanna Fight With Any One Of Us, You Gotta Fight With Me Edition


My life, in general, is a big game of ‘Hey, It’s That Guy,’ which occasionally makes the afternoons go faster.  Of late, I’ve been enjoying ‘Bonanza’ or, as I call it, the adventures of Trapper John, Pa Ingalls, Commander Adama and Hoss.  (Sadly, the late Dan Blocker passed away during the series, and the only other thing I’ve ever seen him in was a Three Stooges short from the fifties.)  Either way, the big takeaway from watching Bonanza is that the theme song will stick in your head FOR DAYS after any given viewing, especially if you know the words.  (If you don’t, you can always rent Rodrigo’s fave-rave crap film, ‘The Pest,’ and hear them as sung by the always-energetic John Leguizamo.)  The same is true for a few other shows, and even a decade later I’ll occasionally find myself humming the haunting theme tune to ‘The X-Files.’

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) got a right to pick a little fight, asking:  What’s the most pernicious ear worm in all of pop culture?