Major Spoilers Question Of The Day: “Square Pegs, Square Pegs! SQUARE! SQUARE!” Edition


Those who have sung Karaoke with me know that I often sing the the lyrics that I thought I heard rather than what’s actually on the screen, a peccadillo that ties in with my concept of “personal continuity,” i.e. only acknowledging stories that fit with my personal thoughts on a given franchise.  For MY James T. Kirk, ‘The Way To Eden’ happened.  The continuity-error-laden Star Trek V didn’t.  Back when there was no internet, I had to use the local library (and the huge number of books that my mother and grandmother always seemed to have lying around) to figure out what the deal was with things like Zorro, Doonesbury and the female reproductive system, and sometimes my information was incomplete or based entirely on inference.  Even now there are still some areas of pop culture, seemingly within my appropriate age and interested brackets, that I’ve never really learned about as I prefer the story in my head.  (I didn’t realize that the Thundercats weren’t just radioactive giant sentient Earth cats until college, for instance.)  It’s a habit that I see reflected in my kid, who has developed a huge love for the razor-toothed Japanese TV mascot, Domo, despite neither knowing nor caring what his “official” deal is…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) always kind of found a quiet noble side to Muffy Tepperman’s enthusiasm, if not her pretension, asking:  What’s your favorite bit of pop-culture that you know next-to-nothing about?