Yesterday, Nintendo made their first official announcement of 2013, the next generation of Pokemon. After the jump we’ll have the official English Trailer and some information on the game itself, some of which is a huge first.


As the footage shows, this will be on the 3DS and marks the series jump onto that handheld and a move to 3D for the official titles. On top of this we are seeing the first non-color titles, which isn’t surprising after Black and White, as well as the first time a Pokemon game has had a non-localized release, which is a huge step for Nintendo. Between this and the WiiU titles, specifically Mario, here’s hoping Nintendo keeps with the trend for here out.

From what we’ve been shown so far, it seems we are going back to the mix of old and new Pokemon, unlike last gen, as most of the action were classic mon’s. The five new Pokemon shown are likely the three new starters and the two version-specific legends. What info we do have on them can be seen in the gallery below. With Black and White we left the Japanese themed regions of previous games for a New York themed region and with X and Y, rumors abound the region will be loosely based on France, mostly due to a shot in the trailer that is similar to the Eiffel Tower.

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y will release in October across the globe.

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