While readers who have been with Infinite Vacation since the first issue in 2011 have waited over half a year for the fifth and final issue to release I just had it show up on my radar this week and decided to dive all in and pick up the complete series. How will Nick Spencer and company wrap up this multi-universe spanning tale? Find out now in your Major Spoilers review!

InfiniteVacation5-COVERIMAGEInfinite Vacation #5
Writer: Nick Spencer
Artist: Christian Ward
Letters: Jeff Powell
Design: Tim Daniel
Publisher: Image Comics
Cover Price: $2.99

Previously in Infinite Vacation: Mark has been running for his life from a cannibalistic version of himself and the mega-powerful multi-universal corporation, Infinite Vacation. With his not-girlfriend in the hands of the previously mentioned evil corp. and versions of himself being killed off left and right Mark has a plan to set it all right.


In the previous four issues of Infinite Vacation Mark has waved his white flag at the first sign of opposition and struggle, but that is all about to change. With a plan helped set in motion by now AI version of Hacker Mark, our central Mark sets out to fix everything by going right into the headquarters of Infinite Vacation. We still have no idea what his plan is as we watch him be surrounded by arm guards, but then all of a sudden it starts thanks to an email and a jetpack.

As a beautiful sequence of art and words unfolds over multiple double-page spreads we see that Mark is taking the guards on a universe spanning chase thanks to Hacker Mark and the rest of the infinite possibilities of Mark’s life. Even though these are action filled pages Spencer never stops developing Mark as a character. With a stop back in Surf-Shop Mark’s universe and a quick quip about not ever listening to his mom we are seeing how Mark is processing the mistakes he has made and embracing them to accomplish what he has set out to do.

And then there’s the ending. Words can barely express the feelings that welled up inside during the last sequence. As worlds are folding up all around him, Mark finishes what he unknowingly set in motion back in issue one and we see a once self-absorbed individual realize what matters in life and chase after it.


Infinite Vacation is a mind trip of a story and it is continually pushed into that territory by Christian Ward’s art. Throughout the series Ward has used double-page spreads to help show the complexity and scope of the story and that continues here with the greatest effect. Ward’s style is like none that I have come across in comics with background and coloring work that is truly outstanding. Much like with the writing, the art on the ending sequence is breathtaking. Ward is able to capture the vast expanse of multiple choices for Mark but never lose the focus of his and Claire’s relationship.


Could it be that a mere nine days into the year of 2013 the issue of the year hit stands? I wouldn’t rule it out so fast.  It’s a shame that Infinite Vacation didn’t release all within the same year so that it could be up for the multiple awards that it deserves. Nick Spencer and Christian Ward deliver a final issue that lets your imagination run wild, leaves your mouth agape at the visuals, and finally pulls on your heart strings. If you have read Infinite Vacation you aren’t going to want to miss the final issue. If you haven’t read any Infinite Vacation do yourself the favor and pick up the five-issue run, clear out your schedule and enjoy.

Rating: ★★★★★

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  1. I’ve been waiting to read this until all the issues were out. I’ve now (finally) got them all. I’m glad to see that the wait will probably have been worth it.

  2. Based on your twitter recommendation I picked up the whole thing – and poured through it. Yep – it really is that good and the art is really done quite well… Nice pickup for an entire series (about $11 on Comixology) and was worth the read.

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