THE MERCH: Elvis will store all your documents


Mimoco has announced the next drive in its Mimobot designer line, and this one may be the king of them all.

This week at the Consumer Electronics Show, Mimoco unveiled its Elvis Presley Mimobot designer USB drive.  There are two drives being released this year, the first is Elvis Aloha from Hawaii that commemorates Elvis’s 1973 broadcast concert.

Aloha Elvis MIMOBOT is ready for the big show. Red, gold and blue studs adorn Presley’s form-fitting suit, and a lei hangs around his neck, reinforcing the global welcome of his famous Aloha performance. Just looking at his slick coif and snared lip, you can tell that upon insertion to a computer, Elvis will start to croon.


The other drive is the Army Elvis drives that features Sergeant Elvis Aaron Presley deck out in his military uniform.  Unlike Aloha Elvis, Army Elvis is limited to 1,000 pieces, so if you want one, and I’m gonna bet a lot of Elvis fans will, you will need to order this one right away.


“Elvis is a huge icon, and there is no better place to release this momentous collaboration than at the 2013 CES in Las Vegas, Nevada where Elvis was a resident performer,” said Mimoco CEO, Evan Blaustein. “After all these years, Elvis continues to inspire countless fans, and we’re honored to partner with Elvis Presley Enterprises on our first licensed musician collaboration. We’re excited to give life to Elvis in MIMOBOT form and function and to share this little digital King with the world. We can say nothing more than, ‘Thank you, thank you very much!!'”


via Mimoco