Teaser images for upcoming Marvel stories just keep hitting the Internet this week. The most recent announces a new artist working with current writer Mark Waid and Hulk trying to pick up something that’s not his.



So Walt Simonson will be joining Waid in April and is off to a beautiful start with this teaser. I’ll be picking this up in April even if it’s just 18 pages of Hulk trying to lift Mjolnir.

via iFanboy


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  1. The cropping on the first photo is priceless, guys.

    I just noticed in the background that there’s a slew of Frost Giants. I think old Big Green could take care of them without Thor’s “power-tool”. The art….feh….

  2. No way no way no way!
    No way! This is the most incredible news ever. Mark Waid and Walt Simonson together? That’s ridiculous. Holy moly I am excited. Indestructible Hulk is already good. This is amazing. Sheesh.

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