Offset Comics launches website and teases Deathface


Back during the warm days of Summer Ivan Brandon starting teasing a new comic publisher titled Offset Comics. Since then more images and series names have been announced, but yesterday the official Offset Comics website went live and with it a video for the upcoming series Deathface.

Deathface is being written by Brandon with art coming from Chuck BB and Ryan Browne. Two other series had been announced previous to Monday, Destroyer and Doublecross. Destroyer, also penned by Brandon, appears to be a post-apocalyptic tale with the tagline, “What comes after the end of the world?” Daniel Krall appears to be both artist and writer for the upcoming Doublecross. No official word yet on when he will be able to read these titles though.

Seeing creators venture off into the realms of not only creator-owned work but to actually start their own publisher is exciting. Earlier last summer we saw Chris Roberson make a similar step when he announced a new digital only line MonkeyBrain Comics and has been met with much praise from fans and critics alike. From the different series synopsis to the gorgeous artwork to the marketing styles that I have seen I’m expecting much of the same success for Offset Comics.

via Offsett Comics