Director Guillermo del Toro as confirmed to IGN that he is indeed working on a Justice League Dark movie for Warner Bros.

The working title for the project is Dark Universe, and that may be a hint of other things to come.  We already know that Warner Bros. is building a cohesive universe similar to what was done with the Avengers (though it is interesting that del Toro says WB was working on that idea before Marvel), so if this project gets off the ground, could we see stand alone movies featuring Zatanna, The Spectre, and Deadman?  That’s a lot of speculating, but it would make sense, if done right.  Personally, I’d rather see a Spectre television series done up on the style of Twilight Zone or Tales from the Crypt.

So who does del Toro want to put in the movie? According to the director, everyone (he dropped some of the names above). However, he wouldn’t give everything away, as he said audiences would instantly know the entire plot of the movie.

The other tid-bit of information?  The director is courting a well known writer to pen the script – someone del Toro said would make everyone very happy.  The list of writers is pretty endless, and my first thought jumped to writers currently on staff at DC Comics, but considering the nature of the film, and the director’s bent, it wouldn’t surprise me to see Stephen King, or his son, Joe Hill take on the feature film.

Who would you want to write the Justice League Dark movie?

We won’t know if Warner Bros. gives this greenlight to this film for a while, but knowing that the project is in the works is interesting.

via IGN


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  1. It’s interesting that this project is in development, but honestly I don’t have high hopes. These are very obscure characters and to be done well will need a bucket load of cash for the special effects. It seems a little ambitious, considering the Justice League movie isn’t off the ground yet.

    We may well end up with a movie that uses some of the character names, but is actually an entirely different property.

  2. and now the most important question: who plays Zatanna? rroowrrr.

    but seriously, even within the realm of DC fans, this’d be a pretty niche movie (even if it ends up as an animated dvd thing). considering how terrible the Keanu Reeves Constantine film was, are folks really clamoring for another film featuring the character, especially since the last film incarnation was pretty far away from the source material to begin with?

    but yeah, who’d play Zatanna?

  3. If wishes were horses:

    The justice league movies would lead to a DC Presents TV show. Where for a couple of episodes (3-5) they’d focus on one character. Keep the same actors across mediums. I think that would build real momentum. A balance of episodic and serial. Also, it’d create a different way to distribute the series online. Instead of $3 an episode, you could buy the entire 4 episode arc for $10.

  4. I had such hopes for a stand-alone (with potential for as DCU tie-in) Suicide Squad film. An Ostrander-inspired version would be preferred.

  5. I’d like to see a suicide squad movie in the style of New Frontier. Have it be a period piece in the 60s and tie it into the JLA movie. Maybe even include some stuff about the mystery men from WW2, and changing times calling for different kinds of “heros” in the wake of the cold war, but then a big threat will make the world see the need for the justice league.

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