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In the past, Action Lab has been known for two things:  fantastic creator owned comics and tiny digest sized trades.  In fact, Larry of Larry’s Comics took to twitter in outrage the first time he got trades of Princeless.  Well, no more!

Effective with the brand new Order of Dagonet trade solicited this month, Action Lab is going BIG!  Now when you buy the trade collection of your favorite Action Lab series it will be the same size as the comics you know and love.  And the timing couldn’t be better!  Here’s why:

What most people know about “The Order of Dagonet” is that it’s a more mature fantasy/comedy from Eisner-nominee Jeremy Whitley, the writer of Princeless.  What anybody who has bought the comic knows is that it’s full of beautiful art from Jason Strutz that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen in a comic book.  You think that’s big talk?  Check out the images below!

Whitley and Strutz create a world in The Order of Dagonet both remarkably familiar and undeniably strange.  A world where the magical faeries of myth stand side by side with the B-list celebrities of modern Britain.  It’s full of all the wonder of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and all the absurdity of Spinal Tap.  And thanks to this change by Action Lab, you’ll have the chance to check out the whole first arc in full-size, the way comic books are meant to be!

If you’re not familiar with the series yet, you’re in for a treat!  As the mythological creatures of Britain return to overrun Parliament, The Globe Theatre, and even the BBC, our only hope is the Order of Dagonet.  This motley crew of celebrity knights will be endowed with the power of Merlin and be our first line of defense against all manner of otherworldly beasts.  Our fate is in the hands of an aging rock star, a Shakespearean actor turned B-movie star, and a writer of popular children’s books.  God save the Queen, because God knows they won’t!

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Press Release

Press Release

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