Recently, some group of ad wizards released their annual list of words and phrases that the general public would like to see stricken from the language, including “fiscal cliff”, “trending” and other overused phraseology.  For my part, I would have chucked in “Whedonverse”, “Wolvie” and “The Dark Knight”, each of which has far outstripped its usefulness in terms of sheer annoyance value.  True, as a card-carried Grumpy Old Man who tries to be highly aware of the language around him, I am susceptible to such petty annoyances and they make me a bit more irritable that the average person.  Still, that ‘Nails-On-A-Chalkboard’ affect isn’t all bad, in that it led to the formulation of today’s query…

The MS- QOTD (pronounced, as always, ” misquoted”, expects to see “Bee Tee Dubs” from one Faithful Spoilerite, asking:  What pop culture words or phrases would you like to see added to the Banned List?


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  1. Here’s a new one: Detonated…
    If you read the description of the forthcoming Star Trek movie: “When the crew of the Enterprise is called back home, they find an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization has detonated the fleet and everything it stands for, leaving our world in a state of crisis.” Sorry. You can detonate bombs aboard a fleet of ships and destroy them, and you can discredit an idea or set of ideals, but you can’t “detonate” either one. That’s like saying, after grilling a hamburger, that you ignited the hamburger, when, in fact, you ignited the charcoal, not the hamburger.

    Partnered. Partner is a word. Partnered is NOT.

    Just about any case when they turn a noun into a verb.

  2. “It is what it is.” Worst thing ever. I think it roughly translates to “I have no advice or intelligent dialogue about that, but fear silence and/or not being trendy in this situation.”

  3. I am monumentally sick of movie critics referring to performers (almost always actresses) as “a force of nature.”

    • And I’ll add: directors being referred to as “visionary” in movie trailers. If Guillermo Del Toro or Hayao Miyazaki is directing the movie, you can call him visionary. Otherwise, just stop it.

  4. To me its easily “Extreme”. This word has lost all meaning since it has been raked over the coals to fit any situation. It has also led to a generation of knuckleheads thinking and acting like some half assed wanna be counter culture “althletes”. I blame hasbro, stupid pizza lovin kid friendly turtles.

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