TOYS: Hot Toys is bringing the Hall of Armor


Collectors spend their hard earned money on figures from their favorite franchises so if any harm would befall them that would be horrible. Thankfully, Hot Toys is looking out for owners of their Iron Man 2 Sixth Scale figures by offering the Hall of Armor display set. More details and pictures after the jump.

Due out around the time of Iron Man 3’s release date, Hot Toys’ Hall of Armor is designed to fit each of the companies Sixth Scale figures. Each case will come with a set of seven different stickers to match any of the Mark I-VII suits you decided to place inside. The stickers are really neat in that they have a bright glow about them making the case look like it is outfitted with the latest Tony Stark LED invention.

Now for the downside: an individual case currently has a pre-order price tag of $124.99, a set of four $434.99, and a complete seven set for $739.99. Definitely a hefty price tag for a collector who has paid close to $200 for each of his figures. Of course, is there too high of a price tag to make your Nerd Room of Doom look like the high-tech basement of Tony Stark? Just make sure Mandarin doesn’t swoop down in a helicopter to blow it all to hell once you have shelled out the money for the full set.

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