STATUES: Female Commander Shepard Bishoujo Statue


Critically acclaimed video game Mass Effect is getting a Kotobokyia treatment in the form of two slightly different statues. I’m doubting your Shepard character looked this good.

With a stance fit to take on the Reaper’s, this Bishoujo Female Shepard figure stands at nine inches tall on top of a special display base. Shepard ships with a N7 Eagle Pistol and an Omni-Blade that can be taken on and off at your pleasure. Fingers on each hand can be moved slightly so that you can decide which hand holds each weapon.

Kotobokyia has created two different figures for BioWare: an exclusive edition that features a black-haired Shepard and the regular edition that sports red hair. The exclusive figure will also come with a codes for multiplayer bonus items. Both figures currently have a pre-order price from BioWare of $65, but the exclusive statue will only have a production run of 2,500 pieces so if dark hair is your way get on the pre-order fast.







Both statues are scheduled to start shipping in March.

via BioWare