The variant cover to Amazing Spider-Man #700 kind of gives away the ending, but its been a week, and Marvel does like to spoil things without our help, so take the jump and see what is in store for Superior Spider-Man #1 when it kicks off in January.

It’s the story that rocked headlines around the world – Peter Parker is no more. Long live the all-new Spider-Man! Due to overwhelming demand, Marvel is proud to present your first look at the ALL-NEW, jaw dropping second printing cover to Amazing Spider-Man #700 by superstar Humberto Ramos.


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  1. I dunno. I’ve read #700 and Avenging Spiderman. I know that the plot has garnered a ton of attention and even a two column AP story that was in most papers yesterday. It’s got more buzz than Clark Kent and Princess Diana swapping spit in Kansas. And I don’t like so many people claiming Otto Octavious as Parker’s “greatest nemesis” since that’s pretty much claimed by Norman “Green Goblin” Osborne. To be honest, the thought that the guy whose brain is running Peter Parker’s body has now been down and dirty with BOTH Aunt Mae and Mary Jane Parker kinda makes me a bit nauseated. I have not been following any Marvel Comic since before “Fear Itself” other than Captain America and this may be interesting. But how do you improve on a schmucky nerd like Peter Parking being Spiderman by having an egotistical schmucky nerd like Otto Octavious being the “mind in charge”? I ain’t sold but I am intrigued.

  2. I agree and would like to add that I hope they move past Otto’s “I’m the SUPERIOR Spider-Man! Mu-wah-hahahaha!!” stage pretty fast. If he continually reminds us that he’s Otto and he’s there because he outsmarted Peter and was a better villain, then buying him as any kind of hero isn’t going to happen. But if he accepts the mantle of superhero fairly quickly, it could be an entertaining read. But honestly, I’m looking forward to Summer 2014: The Return of Peter Parker!

  3. I went on for four pages on my own blog about my thoughts on this development. Find it here:

    The tl;dr summation is that my reaction is complex. For a while I didn’t know what to feel about this. I am very interested in seeing where Dan Slott is going with this, but to say I don’t expect the whole thing to be reversed inside two years would be dishonest. There’s potential here (as sad as it is to see Peter Parker go), but there’s also no way it’ll stick.

    While I agree Doc Ock isn’t Spiderman’s greatest nemesis, he is his oldest nemesis. Well, actually the Vulture was menacing Spidey longer by a couple issues, and I’m pretty sure Amazing Spiderman itself started with the web-head being captured by the Fantastic Four. But if there’s any villain who is most like Peter Parker, it would be Otto Octavius. Brilliant, inventive, and possessing a surprising number of layers. You can’t say it would be fitting for the Green Goblin to be in Peter’s head. But maybe Otto can do it. Plus he’s already got a relationship of sorts with Aunt May.

    Now there’s just the matter of what to call him. I’ve been calling him either Otto Parker or Ottoman. Let’s try making that a thing. Ottoman.

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