It’s come down to this – one will fall, one will rise, and Matthew and Stephen spoil the heck out of Amazing Spider-Man #700.

But do they both like it?


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  1. So I’ll put out my belief that the events of this issue will be reversed by May 14th, 2014, when Amazing Spider-man 2 is released.

    Also, it’s discussed that Ock had all the possibilities thought out, but from what I’ve seen in previews he is going to get caught by the first telepath he runs across.

  2. Interestingly enough, I historically haven’t been much of a fan of Ramos’ art, but I actually quite enjoyed it in this issue. Dunno if I’m finally getting used to him (it took me 20 or so issues of USM to get used to Mark Bagley) or if he just did an incredible job on this issue. My guess is it’s a little of both!

  3. I don’t think no matter the circumstances is it worth threatening the life of a writer of pop culture. That being said I think this issue was worst than most people do, it was a crummy end to a crummy body swap story.

    I didn’t buy the whole ‘heaven’ bit I thought it was corny and way to try and make this issue seem important and killed something that I believed about the character, where he knew he had made up for Uncle Ben’s Death, but he kept being Spider-Man because it was the right thing to do, I know they said basically as such long ago as well.

    I also didn’t buy Ock thinking he could be a hero now. Few characters are as twisted and dedicated to their own interests as Ock, and for a few weepy moments to really change him? It seems unearned. Given all of that it makes 698 a wasted issue, I think all of this would read better if 698 never existed.

    As to the ‘Superior SM’ I won’t be following. There’s already a darker Spider-Man book out, it’s called Scarlet Spider, and Venom is basically just that as well. Plus a humorless joyless Spider-Man that doesn’t crack wise sounds basically like every other uninspired Super-Hero book on the shelves.Just from a general premise I don’t see how they hope to transfer the fan base of one kind of hero to something that perverts the core of the character that they care about.

    • From the perversion of the core character point, I suddenly thought of New Coke. ‘Peter Parker comes back because the fans demand it!’ Doc Ock getting the Peter body back with MJ gives them an out that doesn’t seem like they’re negating One More Day so the Peter Parker comes back to the marriage.

      Humorless, joyless Spider-man who doesn’t wise crack and punches villains’ faces off. I remember hearing recently about a Wolverine villain that got suicide by hero by attacking Spider-man knowing that he’d react due to his spider-sense. It was brought up because it became a character moment for Peter to come to terms with just killing someone.

      I believe we have the Spider-man version of Knightfall.

  4. It seems like Ock isn’t just Ock anymore but is now becoming ‘Otto and Peter.’ (I heard Einhorn is Finkle as I typed that). I’m looking forward to seeing what the combined genius of Peter and Octavius working together in the same mind will yield. Unfortunately I’ve had people at work yelling at me about this issue that don’t read comics when I hadn’t read it yet. Arg!

  5. I’ll try the first arc of superior but if it is a joke less Spidey or if the creepiness I felt with him and mj persist I’ll probably stop. There are plenty of outs built into to get Petey back and I’m going to be optimistic with slott writing. I also suggest reading avenging spider man as well it sort of confirms that ock and Pete are more merged than asm made it seem.

  6. First podcast I’ve ever listened to. It was cool hearing your voices for the first time ever.
    I’m looking forward to the type of stories that can be done here. A selfish, self-centered man who decides to do good.. he’s goin to be horrible at it. He’s going to have huge failures and I”m looking for the first time he feels that first real Spidey-guilt.

  7. Actually looking forward to where SSM heading. Will they eventually undo or at least walk back portions of what’s happened? Almost certainly. Are there still a good number of concepts and stories to mine before then? Definitely.

    Count me in for SSM!

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